10 Things You Didn’t Know about Will Merrick

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Will Merrick

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Will Merrick

There aren’t many actors who get the chance to have a major role as soon as they start their careers. However, that’s exactly how things panned out for Will Merrick. His very first on screen opportunity was a main role in the British series, Skins. Since then, Will has gone on to appear in several other TV shows. In 2019, he landed a starring role in the sitcom Dead Pixels which originally aired in the UK. The show was recently picked up by The CW to be syndicated in the United States. Now that his talents have officially been introduced to an even wider audience, it’s become very clear that the sky is the limit for Will. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Will Merrick.

1. He Has Lots Of Theater Experience

Will is very well-rounded when it comes to his acting experience. He’s been focused on TV roles for the last several years, but he also has a good amount of experience on stage. Has been in stage productions of several well-known plays including Death of a Salesman and Wendy and Peter Pan.

2. He’s Not Very Active On Social Media

In recent years, social media has become a very powerful tool. Even people who are already famous and have been for years, have turned to social media to help them attract other opportunities. Will doesn’t seem to buy into any of that though. Although he is on social media, he isn’t very active. In the last 8 years, he’s posted on Instagram less than 50 times.

3. He’s An Avid Traveler

Will is an adventurous person who likes to get out and see the world as much as he can. He is a frequently traveler who has been able to travel far and wide over the years. Some of the places he’s gotten to visit include Jamaica, Italy, Malaysia, and the United States.

4. He Didn’t Think Acting Would Be His Career

Even after having a very amazing start to his career, Will says he still didn’t know if acting would be a long term thing for him. He told Whats on Stage, “Even after doing Skins, I wasn’t sure that acting would be a career. Skins was a surreal experience – I went along basically to the audition to get experience for applying to drama schools, and at the time it was this cult thing where you saw the characters on screen and you never even connected them with real people.”

5. He Used To Be A Gamer

Will doesn’t just play a gamer on TV, he actually used to be one in real life. Although he was never as dedicated to video games as his character in Dead Pixels, Will did spend a lot of time gaming when he was a teenager. He loved to play spend hours playing Fifa and various adventure games.

6. He Has Audiences Walk Out On Him While Performing

Actors have to deal with lots of rejection, and that rejection doesn’t only mean getting turned down for roles. Sometimes even after an actor gets a role, things aren’t smooth sailing. During his interview with Whats on Stage, he said that he once had audience members get up and walk out of the venue while he was on stage performing a play he helped produce.

7. He Got Into Acting As A Kid

Despite not being sure about acting being a viable career, Will has always loved the craft. He got into acting when he was a kid and started doing school plays and other local productions. It didn’t take long for people to realize that Will definitely had the talent to make acting more than just a hobby.

8. He’s An Award Winner

There’s nothing better than being recognized for your skills and dedication. Fortunately for Will, all of the hard work he has put in over the years hasn’t gone unnoticed. His role in Skins was widely praised and earned him an RTS award for Best Actor. In addition to winning that award, he was also nominated for a TV Choice Award for Best actor.

9. He Plays The Guitar

Will loves expressing himself creatively and acting isn’t the only way he does that. He also enjoys playing the guitar although he admits that he isn’t the best. Maybe one day he’ll upload a video of himself playing on social media and we’ll all get a chance to hear him do his thing.

10. He Loves Alfred Hitchcock Movies

On top of being a part of great productions, Will also loves to watch them. He is a big fan of Alfred Hithcock’s work and cites Psycho and The Birds as his favorites. Although both films are decades old at this point, they still have the ability to have people on the edge of their seats.

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