Avatar: The Last Airbender Gets the Honest Trailers Treatment

You know it’s kind of a boring summer when Avatar: The Last Airbender, is finally falling under the sway of Honest Trailers. Those that love the animated series might not like watching it get berated like this, but at least Honest Trailers isn’t quite as upfront or belittling as other sites can be, as there are review sites out there that would absolutely rip this cartoon apart. At the end of the day, it’s how much a person really loves what they’re watching and how well they can take a joke since that’s what a lot of these review sites are all about, pointing out what they don’t fully understand and making light of it. In all fairness, the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender, is one that’s pretty alluring to a lot of people since the general feel of it is something that people are attracted to, but when the animation and the sound effects come into play and it starts sounding like a cross between martial arts and Looney Tunes then people are bound to notice. There’s nothing to rag on the series for really, but taking a joke is important since people are bound to make them whenever they can, especially if something strikes them funny and they happen to think that the show is, in general, kind of comical.

Seriously, the live-action movie didn’t do the series any favors since it tried to condense too much material into too little time and as a lot of us know, when that happens things tend to get a bit messed up and fans get a little bent out of shape. In this case, it kind of ruined a lot of the love that people had for the series when going into the theater, but a lot of fans are still firm about their feelings towards the series, even if they were ready to storm out of the movie theater after watching the live-action version. There was supposed to be a sequel it sounds like, but obviously that wasn’t about to be pushed when it was discovered that fans and casual viewers weren’t really that enamored of what they were seeing. There are a lot of things that people can point out when it comes to the whole act of bending, especially when it comes to the whole dancing aspect of it. Granted, it’s something that apparently needs to be done in some cases, but it feels a bit extraneous at times, as though the whole range of movements is a bit much for the effect that’s pulled from the element that the dancers are seeking to control. It could be that a lot of us are just ignorant of the whole process, or it could be that it simply feels like a bit much, as though a person is leaving themselves horribly exposed while trying to summon the element they need. Of course, it does kind of appear that the more powerful a person is, the less effort they need to pull forth the element they’re attempting to utilize.

There are times when the more comical elements that keep the feeling that this is a kids’ cartoon tend to go a bit overboard. In those instances, this feels less like the serious bid for power and domination, or the need to defend and protect, than it does a comical farce that one knows is going to end with the good guys taking the edge and winning the day. Of course, it hasn’t always played out this way since the series does tend to go back and forth at times when it comes to the good guys and the bad guys, which is one saving grace that it possessed for a long time. Had it received any better attention in the live-action version it’s possible that we’d be talking about how the second movie was pulled off or how the first one made it possible for there to be a second movie. But we’re not, are we? Things kind of fell apart for this series and the movie in a big way, but fans are still adamant about their feelings for it, meaning that it’s bound to remain a fan favorite for some time since enough people have taken to it and have decided that it’s worthwhile. That’s usually all it takes really since if enough fans happen to love something then the memory of it is going to remain and at some point, it might actually be brought back to a new generation of fans who can enjoy it. That’s why this series is bound to stick around for now since people aren’t willing to say that it’s not worth the effort. Who knows, we might see another attempt at a movie at some point by someone that has the ambition and, hopefully, the attention to detail that’s needed.

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