Are We Ever Going to See an Underworld 6?

Are We Ever Going to See an Underworld 6?

Underworld 6 could possibly be happening, but the implications of what it means could be staggering at this point since so much has happened from the first to the fifth movie and apart from the hardcore fans the viewers are starting to wander elsewhere for their horror fix. There are still a lot of questions that have been left open and despite the fact that Selene is now an elder there is a great deal of damage that’s been done to the remaining vampire race and the fact that the lycans are still on the loose to consider. Marius might have been slain but there are always those that are ambitious enough to fill the void and the hatred between lycans and vampires seems to be a bond that could destroy them both but will not end so long as a few of them still remain.

In the meantime, a part 6 could possibly resurrect the story or bury it completely.

Is Michael really dead?

In the last movie it was seen that Marius relayed to Selene that he’d captured and killed Michael, slitting his throat to gather every last drop of blood he had to give. The only troubling thing there is wondering if Scott Speedman would come back for another film, and if he did, would Michael be just a memory still, or would he somehow be alive? After all, killing off someone like a hybrid wouldn’t be too wise for anyone to do if they could keep him alive and keep collecting to build their army of hybrids. It’s also been seen that vampires can alter their memories just enough to avoid telling the whole truth, though it’s a skill that only the strongest can master. What’s to say that a highly-disciplined lycan couldn’t do the same since they have such extensive knowledge of their enemies? If Michael did come back and reunited with Selene he might not be as strong as she is, but he’d certainly be a welcome asset within their circle yet again, and would make a formidable opponent for their enemies.

There’s an Underworld series coming.

If anything was going to kill off the idea of Underworld it would be an underwhelming TV series since the effects aren’t likely to be the same and the story is going to start spreading out without fail since this is what TV does. TV shows can’t rely on a single two-hour episode and have to keep going with material that the movie might not cover or might never touch upon at all in order to keep the fans entertained. Any and all fans of the movies are going to be judging the show based on the movies and the books without fail since Underworld has been a rather big deal for many people for many years now. Selene has been one of the most beloved vampires since her appearance and doing anything to dim the light that shines on her would lead to a TV show tanking eventually since the fans would no doubt be less than merciful to those that bothered to let her look bad.

What happens when Eve and Selene reunite?

By the end of the fifth film it was made clear that Eve and Selene are still sharing a telepathic link that is allowing Eve to essentially home in on her mother. Whether she’ll return or not is kind of in question, but when she does it will be yet another boon to the vampire race that will allow them to become that much stronger since Eve is a born hybrid that is just as strong as her father and possibly has more potential than her mother. The idea that she would rejoin the coven is kind of interesting since she’s been such a wild child throughout her run thus far that’s hard to imagine her settling down and really serving anyone for any purpose. But if Selene could convince her to do just this it would still be interesting, especially if the new elders were subject to the old rules, that one would rule and the other two would remain locked away until it was their time. Once Selene was locked away, if it happened, Eve would be on her own again unless she was accepted by the coven.

There are so many interesting points to make and discover about the possibility of a new Underworld movie but there are also a lot of details that need to be covered and nailed down in order to make it into something more akin to reality than just a rumor. So far there does seem to be a plan to have another movie out in 2019 but details still seem sketchy. It could be that those in charge are keeping it this way to add to the suspense, or it could be that too much is up in the air to really say yes or no with a definitive voice that the movie will be coming out as promised.

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