Are We Ever Going To See a Get Out 2?

Are We Ever Going To See a Get Out 2?

Hold the press and blink your eyes really quick, someone actually said that a sequel is not the best idea, and it was actually the director of a movie. While some people, like those that simply love to see a story played out until it can’t be played anymore, might want to see a Get Out 2, director Jordan Peele is adamant that it won’t happen unless he can come up with a great enough story to latch onto the 2017 hit that many people found absolutely thrilling. Get Out was one of the many movies that really doesn’t need a sequel since it managed to tell its own story from start to finish, obviously leaving a few things out here and there, but otherwise telling a tale that was grisly and hard to swallow but was still nothing short of great in the eyes of many. With Get Out and Us under his belt, Jordan Peele has made it clear to many that he’s a top-tier director and that he has the kind of pull to do pretty much anything he wants. But thankfully he doesn’t want a sequel at the moment since the movie stands just fine on its own and there’s no sequel needed at this time, if ever. That’s the sentiment of a lot of people really since there’s really no way to justify a sequel since it wouldn’t come close to the first movie in popularity.

A prequel could be interesting since it might shed some more light on the whole idea of what was happening and why it had started up, but it would still need to be a well thought and well-executed story since it would need to match the original story perfectly in order to be counted as worthwhile, and Peele has already made it clear that he doesn’t want to do anything that might be a cheaper version of the movie he’s already made. This is kind of uplifting really since so many directors and producers are all about pushing forward to create a sequel that eventually cheapens the whole idea of the movie, to begin with. There are times when sequels are absolutely warranted since they can be a nice continuation of an idea that was simply too great to let sit, but these are rare occasions since sequels don’t always work for a number of reasons, one of them being the passage of time between the original movie and the sequel. Some movies go years without even thinking about a sequel, meaning that the actor’s age, the story grows a bit stale, and the ideas that the fans might want to see represented on the screen might not even come close to what people want to see.

There are just too many problems that could occur with a sequel, and yet people are crazy for them sometimes. It’s true and I’ll admit it, I’ve enjoyed sequels that weren’t all that great as much as the next person, but recognizing that they’re not as great as the original movie is rather simple. Some movies just don’t need the sequel since they’re self-contained and they wouldn’t benefit from the second movie or a third. Even a prequel isn’t always a good idea since it might reveal too much about the motivations of the movie than people wish to see. Whether people want to admit it or not, a lot of moviegoers still want a bit of the unknown in a movie, something that they don’t see but might have to guess at. Some folks that say they want to know everything from top to bottom are among the biggest buzzkills when it comes to the movies, but even they should be able to admit that knowing absolutely everything when it comes to a movie is kind of a boring experience. The unknown aspects that a person can theorize about are exciting in a way since they allow a person’s imagination to work its own magic in trying to find out just what might have happened, why people are the way they are, and how things got started. Obviously, some folks might be way off base, but it’s still a lot more fun than knowing everything about the movie from start to finish.

Get Out doesn’t need a sequel, as some people are content to say over and over until others get it. Some might have thought that Us was a sneaky kind of sequel that Peele might have been trying to push, but that rumor was shot down rather easily since both movies are their own story and thinking about a sequel for either one is kind of extraneous and not needed at all. Maybe somewhere down the line, someone will find a story that will work and might make Peele aware of it, but for now, just enjoy the movies the way they are.

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