Aquaman’s Greatest Enemy (Comic)

Aquaman’s Greatest Enemy (Comic)

You would think Aquaman’s greatest enemy would be anyone that dared to harm his ocean home or anyone in it. But time and again he’s been caught up in the concerns of those who do not share the same concern for his home. This cartoon is kind of hilarious but it also drives home a very serious point that you won’t ever see in the Justice League movie or the actual DC comics largely because it’s not considered to be worth putting in. But how much of an issue would Aquaman really have with the rest of the Justice League if he really took their actions seriously?

Mera looks less than impressed by Aquaman’s attempts to defend the Justice League and their ways, citing a number of things that are wrong with this picture, so to speak. As soon as she opens her mouth to speak of how he must stop the Justice League however he is on the defense. When you really stand back and think about it though, should he be?

Mera, citing her sources loud and clear and, somehow with a laptop underwater, continues to denounce the efforts of the Justice League. Superman did after all allow a massive world engine to crash into the ocean, saving what was left of Metropolis but essentially dooming untold millions of aquatic creatures to spillage and supposedly toxic materials. None of the super friends were there for that were they?

Even when he starts to defend them, again, Mera goes on to tell him that because of their determination to keep humanity safe, it’s also a detriment since humans are the ones that are essentially responsible for making the ocean what it is now. Millions of sea animals have perished, the Great Barrier Reef is mostly dead, and there is no recompense or any type of action being taken by the Justice League. Does Aquaman defend them still?

You bet.

Despite the fact that his water-born enemies are still downright nasty and are probably bent on his destruction he’s still going to defend the friends that haven’t helped his underwater realm one bit and have in fact done just much damage, if not more, than his actual enemies. If anyone ever said Aquaman was the most intelligent in the bunch they were lying through their teeth, but this cartoon is more about the fact that Aquaman needs to focus on his real enemies.

The problem with that is the fact that the Justice League could wipe Aquaman out fairly easily just by polluting his home as you see Wayne Enterprises doing in the last panel. Plus, the rest of them, no matter that underwater they’d be almost powerless, are still capable of dishing out some major hurt in various ways. You kind of have to wonder why Aquaman hasn’t teamed up with the underwater baddies to remind the heroes just how much of the earth is covered in water and how destructive that element can really be. Seriously, do you think Superman and the Justice League could really hold back an element that covers well over 70 percent of the planet?

Check out this hilarious comic from Dorkly

Aquaman’s Greatest Enemy (Comic)


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