Diving Deeper into the Life of Model April Love Geary: 10 Intriguing Facts

Diving Deeper into the Life of Model April Love Geary: 10 Intriguing Facts

April Love Geary

Born on December 6, 1994, April Love Geary is a stunning Mexican model who has graced the pages of numerous high-profile magazines and advertising campaigns. With her captivating selfies in skimpy bikinis and high heels, she has gained immense popularity on social media. Although Geary has already made a name for herself in the modeling industry, her relationship with a famous musician has further catapulted her into the limelight. While many may recognize this Mexican beauty, here are 10 lesser-known facts about April Love Geary.

1. A Model in the Making from a Young Age

From an early age, Geary’s photogenic looks and natural talent in front of the camera were evident. She knew she wanted to be a model and began landing gigs at just 12 years old, setting the stage for a flourishing career. Today, Geary is signed with two of the most prestigious modeling agencies: IMG Worldwide and Photogenic Talent agencies.

2. Controversy Over Daughter’s Snack Choice

When Geary posted a photo of her toddler daughter munching on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, it sparked an uproar among fans. Many mothers criticized the model for allowing her young child to consume the controversial snack, which has been scrutinized for its potential health risks, particularly for children. Geary’s response? “We’re here for a good time, not a long time.” While not the answer her followers were hoping for, let’s hope no harm came to her adorable little girl.

3. Romance with a Famous Crooner

Geary is in a relationship with singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, son of the late actor Alan Thicke, best known for his role on Growing Pains. The Canadian actor, who passed away in December 2013, had already met Geary and given his approval of his son’s relationship with the Mexican beauty.

4. A Tattoo to Seal Their Love

Geary has a few tattoos, but one, in particular, holds special meaning. On her and Thicke’s two-year anniversary, the couple celebrated by getting matching tattoos of each other’s initials. While some couples exchange gifts on anniversaries, these two opted for a more permanent expression of their love.

5. Age is Just a Number

Fans have been fixated on the age difference between Geary and Thicke. While Thicke’s ex-wife was a couple of years older than him, he went in the opposite direction with Geary, who is 18 years his junior. Geary, however, sees nothing wrong with the age gap and has urged fans to stop focusing on it, as she and Thicke are ‘just living,’ according to Daily Mail.

6. Globe-Trotting Photo Shoots

One of the perks of modeling is the opportunity to travel, and Geary has certainly seen the world through her career. She has participated in photo shoots in various countries, including Germany, China, and Malibu, among others.

7. From Tomboy to Glamorous Model

It may be hard to believe, but Geary was once a self-proclaimed tomboy. As a child, she preferred playing sports outdoors rather than staying inside and engaging in more traditionally feminine activities or watching TV. Her active lifestyle and participation in numerous sports likely contributed to her ability to maintain her stunning figure today. Don’t be surprised if you spot her catching a wave, as surfing is one of her favorite pastimes.

8. A Dragon in Her Life

While it may not be a real dragon, Geary does own a bearded dragon as a pet. One might assume that such a creature would make the gorgeous model squeamish, but according to Answers Africa, she happily keeps the reptile as a companion. Talk about unexpected!

9. An Accident-Prone Beauty

Geary admits to being ‘accident-prone,’ according to Earn the Necklace. She dreams of walking in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show but fears that her history of accidents might cause something to go awry during such a high-profile event.

10. Embracing Her Body

Geary’s striking looks are hard to miss, and unlike many women who can list several things they dislike about their bodies, she is proud of her physique. When asked what she loves most about her body, she quickly cites her long legs and ‘bubble-butt.’

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