10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Gray

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

What do you know about Sarah Gray? Now, wait, we’re not talking about the champion rower from New Zealand. We’re referring to the YouTuber whose channel is entitled ‘shygurlsarah’. The one who uploads vlogs and shots of her boyfriend Liam…oh, yeah, and ‘get ready with me videos’, as Famousbirthdays calls them. The one who discusses her piercings and shares makeup tips you can turn to in a crunch, but not the rower. You know the one I mean? Yeah. That Sarah Gray.

It took me a minute to figure it out, but I’m sure you’re all way ahead of me. Anyway, what do you know about her? Well, after diving in, I can say with confidence that she is a popular YouTuber who publishes makeup tips, question-and-answer vids, and other lifestyle-focused topics, and I know that her videos are doing her pretty darn righteous, if I do say so myself. It’s easy to figure her interests out by watching her videos and vlogs, but what about her personal life? If you’re a fan or subscribe to her channel out of necessity, I’m sure a few questions about the 21-year-old have popped into your mind. I know I had a few after checking out her work. So, let’s get those questions answered, shall we?

Here’s one of our famous lists, this one about YouTuber Sarah Gray. Ten need-to-know facts that have had you stymied about her since you discovered her. Well, search no more, because we have the answers for you. Not only did we do the work, but we had the fun, too. So, here’s your opportunity to beef up on your Sarah Gray knowledge while listening to music and eating random snacks in your La-Z-Boy. Take advantage, because these chances don’t come around all the time:

1. Birth Date and Country of Origin

Sarah was born on July 25, 1998 in Canada, which makes her a Leo. Sarah shares her home country with fellow YouTube star Karlee Steel. While she posts beauty and lifestyle videos overall, her first video was a discussion regarding her piercings, and her 2016 video ‘Go-To Makeup Look ft. Glossier’ is one of her most popular contributions to the YouTube channel she created. Sarah is 21 years of age.

2. Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, Sarah has managed to do fairly well for herself with her videos. At the current time she is one of Canada’s most wealthy YouTube celebrities. According to TrendCelebNow, Sarah’s approximate net worth for 2019 is between $1 and $5 million, up from $100k to $1 million last year. More of the data they provided tells us that her per video earnings are undiscovered as of yet, but I’m pretty sure we can all do the math.

3. Zodiac and Star Sign Traits

As stated, Gray is a Leo. Leo women are said to be something of a ‘regal lioness’, which is reflected clearly in the way she carries herself, and in her personal style. She is more than comfortable in her own skin, exuding strength and power from her actions and words, and she has no problem letting others know that she is aware of her power and confidence. However, the female Leo is a bit more kind and gentle than males that fall under the same sign. You can bet, though, that she will not allow others to push her around or try to shaft her in any way.

4. Other Birthday Facts

Sarah is not only a Leo, but she was also born in the Year of the Tiger under the Chinese Zodiac. It seems the is a cat lady of the coolest kind. According to Birthdaycelebs, her birthstone is ruby, and the flower that has been assigned to her birth month is the larkspur. These are very appropriate for this particular celebrity, as they both exhibit regal bearing in their makeup and representation.

5. She Is Also A Gifted Photographer

Sarah isn’t just confident enough to turn a YouTube channel into a primary income, she also has the boldness to put her inner vision out there in the form of photography. As a matter of fact, she has an Instagram account, @graymatsen, on which she posts many of her photographs, including shots of her boyfriend Liam Snider. She uses film when she photographs, which is considered fairly old school in this digital age, but she proves that working with film is a far more rewarding and beautiful experience that digital could ever be. We think it shows!

6. Sarah’s Advice

Gray gave a very informative interview on Corduroysoul about her gear, methods, and photography inspirations and preferences. She also gives a very rich piece of advice in that interview, one that we can all benefit from. ‘My biggest advice is to always persevere and stay true to yourself. There is no one on Earth exactly like you; take advantage of it!’ True words of wisdom that would literally change the world if taken wisely by all of us.

7. She Supports Sustainable Living

In her channel introduction on YouTube, Sarah indicates clearly that she is a supporter of living sustainably. In fact, some of her videos focus on providing direction on how this can be done. A sustainable lifestyle is one that is lived in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the use of the natural resources the Earth provides, as well as one’s own resources. They do this by using alternate energy sources, methods of transportation, and consuming a healthier, less destructive diet. Check out some of the suggestions and resources she discusses in her videos.

8. She’s Thrifty, Too

Besides all of the above, Sarah is into being thrifty! The chatty video star wants to save the planet and money, and we happen to think that the two go hand in hand. Not only does she discuss being thrifty in her videos by sharing how she is learning to go about it, but she offers suggestions to her viewers as well, enabling them to cut back on financial waste and increase what they do have by utilizing specific resources. Great stuff for anyone attempting to live better in general.

9. Relationship Status

At the current time, according to all resources, Sarah is single, and she has never been engaged or married in the past. We know that the YouTube sensation had at least one boyfriend in her 21 years, Liam Snider, but the two are no longer exclusively together. She has given strong effort to keeping this part of her life private, and we respect her efforts in this area, but wish her the best regarding her desires for her future.

10. Sarah is a Millennial

Millennials are born between 1981, and 1996, and are also sometimes referred to as Generation Y. According to Celebcouples, these individuals were born in a decade of much prosperity and peace, and never really knew a world without the Internet (which explains a lot!). They are Googlers, gamers, and know all about the popular boy band craze of the day. Sarah seems something of an anomaly when this is all considered, as she is Earth-conscious, financially responsible, and uses film in her camera rather than digital media, but the fact that she is a YouTuber kind of gives her true roots away.

So, there it is! All that we could find for you about YouTuber Sarah Gray is above, tucked away nicely in a nutshell for your enjoyment. Check her out on her Instagram site, or view some of her informative and fun videos on YouTube. You’ll be surprised what you can learn about this creative young woman.

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