Nickelodeon Animator Illustrates Coffee Cups In Her Spare Time

Artwork on coffee cups has become a pretty big thing in recent years.  I’m not 100% sure why but it has.  Who am I to argue?  Artists have been taking their spare time on coffee breaks and drawing in their local coffee shops.   And we’re not talking about sub par pictures here.  This is professional level quality.  One such artist is a Nickelodeon animator by the name of Ilana Schwartz.  Her hobby has become a highly followed Instagram page called “Javadoodles” and people are loving it.

Here’s what Ilana had to say about her work:

My name is Ilana M Schwartz and I’m the mind behind @javadoodles. I have built a coffee cup empire of almost 10K instagram followers, and I don’t plan on stopping. I work as an animator on multiple shows at Nickelodeon Animation Studio, in Burbank, CA. In between renders, and after hours, I find the time to craft these cups.

You can check out more of her photos below and all of them on her Instagram page.

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