If Apple Buys Disney, Who Are We Making Fun of First?

If you think that other companies aren’t completely shocked and frightened at what Netflix has been doing in media, think again.  The writing is on the wall.  If someone doesn’t come out to compete with Netflix (Amazon is trying) then Netflix can take over not only movies but TV as we know it.  This is why there is rampant speculation but more to the point “real news” that Apple is looking to buy Disney for a reported $237 billion. According to RBC analyst reports:

Recently, investors have increased their expectations that Apple could seriously consider acquiring Disney.” They go on to say that the purchasing of Disney would be “contingent on Apple getting tax breaks to ‘repatriate’ overseas cash.

A combined Apple-Disney would create an instant competitor to Netflix that would take advantage of the Mouse House’s content and Apple’s user base, the anlaysts speculated. Other benefits: integrating Apple consumer tech as experiences in Disney’s theme parks; and landing global streaming sports rights for ESPN via the combo of Disney-backed BAMTech and Apple distribution and a strong balance sheet

If the deal happens it would give Apple a market value of over $1 trillion making it the first ever company with a trillion dollar valuation.  What’s the reason for the potential purchase?  Content.  Apple is apparently very very big on content right now and Disney would make a perfect fit in that department.  This isn’t just a company looking to be worth a trillion for a sake of it.  This is a company looking at another extremely successful company to logically purchase to grow their business and compete in other arenas.

So what happens if this deal goes through?  Who are we making fun of?  Remember all the memes and ridiculous stuff that came out when Disney took over LucasFilms?  Will we get the same combination Disney/Apple memes?  I think it’s inevitable and I look forward to the stuff people create.

P.S. this is one insane deal but wow, what a historical even it would be.  It’s hard to think of Apple being the owners of the Star Wars films.

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