10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anna Devlin

Anna Devlin

It’s a tad bit frustrating to want to learn more about someone and find that it’s not entirely possible when a search pulls up next to nothing but Anna Devlin seems to at least be on the radar, somewhat. Some people simply don’t give a lot of information about themselves, don’t lead a life that’s prone to controversy, and tend to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. But in this case it really seems as though she only gets noticed now and again and only enough to give her credit for a role. There has to be more than this to Anna Devlin but whatever it is seems to have been buried rather quickly in the internet articles that continue to roll on and bury one informational article after another. She’s been around long enough for there to be a wealth of information on her, and yet there’s really not that much out there.

Here are a few things that you might be able to tell about Hanna.

10. She hasn’t done a lot in her career as of yet.

Contrary to what was said above her resume isn’t so long as to be impressive but she has been around for a bit and does at least have some experience. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be anything to distinguish her in a big way so that people would automatically know her name upon seeing her.

9. She starred in All the Money In the World.

One of the biggest reasons this movie became famous was because it had to replace Kevin Spacey after the scandal that almost ruined him entirely so that another actor could be brought in. Apart from that the movie kind of failed to live up to the expectations that so many had for it.

8. Anna does have some credits to her name.

She’s not a complete newbie to the business and has managed to do a few things that people might recognize even if they don’t entirely recognize her. One might think that she’d gain greater recognition for her roles in what she’s done to date but so far she’s kind of kept in the background at times.

7. She does have an online presence.

It’s not exactly huge but she does have one since people have to come to know who she is somehow. It’s difficult to really get to know anyone in show business by name, face, or works unless they have some kind of online presence that they use extensively or at least sparingly.

6. So far she’s not that well known in the business.

There might be people out there that know more about her and could enlighten others as to who she is, what she’s done, and why she’s important to the business, but thus far Google doesn’t seem to have the answers. That’s kind of odd since Google seems to know just about anything and everything.

5. She has a few projects in post-production.

It could be that people will come to know her a little better now that she has other projects that are coming out, but it might also be that she’ll remain as private as it would appear she’s been at this moment since it doesn’t seem as though she’s lining up to take her praise.

4. A search under her name doesn’t pull up a lot on her.

This is kind of odd since a search should pull up thousands if not millions of articles on just about anyone or something that might be related to them. But a search for Anna pulls up well over seven million hits but doesn’t pull up much in the way of explaining who she is and what she does apart from her IMDb page.

3. She’s also been in 12 Monkeys.

The TV version of the movie starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt has been described by some to be a good representation of the world that was created from the original story, but some still don’t quite get the point or even why it was made into a show.

2. Anna has been in an episode of Hanna.

Eventually it would seem that she might stop playing the bit and temporary parts and want to go on to something bigger and better, and she might be if the projects she’s working on now pan out and make her into a known commodity.

1. She does seem to have a promising career.

So far she’s done enough even if she hasn’t gained a great deal of notice to be someone of mounting importance in show business, but it’s kind of obvious that she needs to present herself in a much stronger light if she’s going to become known to more people.

Some folks just don’t seem to have a lot of information on them.

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