Animated Castlevania TV Series Officially Announced For Netflix

Animated Castlevania TV Series Officially Announced For Netflix

With the recent announcement of a Castlevania TV series I’m officially convinced that Netflix is taking over the world.  Not only are they beginning to corner the market on Marvel TV shows, they are getting into the video game to TV show genre.  Is there even a genre yet?  If there is then it’s Netflix who is creating it.  While video games haven’t seen much success in the box office, Netflix is banking on the fact that a video game can become a solid TV series.    At this point I wouldn’t bet against Netflix. According to Comic Book Movie:

It was assumed that this must be the animated series we had heard was in the works from Adi Shankar. Shankar has previously teased a “dark, satirical” adaptation that would “flip the vampire sub-genre on its head,” and now he’s promising the “western world’s first good video game adaptation.” That remains to be seen of course, but with talent like Warren Ellis and Adventure Time’s Kevin Kolde involved, it should be well worth a look at the very least.

Do you think, that Castlevania can translate into television success?  I’m sorry I just got sidetracked because I cannot get the vision of Castlevania on NES out of my head.    Here’s a little something for nostalgia.  How is this gonna be a TV show???

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