In-depth Review and Analysis of Angry Birds Movie 2

In-depth Review and Analysis of Angry Birds Movie 2
In-depth Review and Analysis of Angry Birds Movie 2

Angry Birds Movie 2 is among the many animated movies that were outshined by their predecessors. Angry Birds Movie racked up $352 million in its box office while Angry Birds Movie 2 earned $153 million. That does not make the movie totally bad, though.

This article will look at where the movie missed the mark. However, it will also look at the things that made the movie unique and what made it work. In addition, the article will also look at what a potential Angry Birds Movie 3 may contain, based on how the events of Angry Birds Movie 2 rolled out.

How the First Angry Birds Movie Ended

ice ball by zeta near the pig island

One of the first things that viewers can observe in Angry Birds Movie 2 is the lack of enmity between the birds and the pigs. If the first movie ended with the destruction of King Leonard’s kingdom and the king vowing revenge, why were the two factions on the same side in most of the movie? That is a curious observation about the premise of the movie. So how did that come to be? Apparently, when a giant iceball landed near Piggy Island, the pigs decided that their peace with the birds should become permanent.

Underlying Ideas in Angry Birds 2

pigs and birds united

In the Angry Bird sequel, the birds and the pigs were united by a common enemy — the eagles. Sure, the theme of unity is something that can be well-received by the general public. It is a relevant message pointing to the fact that everyone can get along, settle their differences, and make peace with one another, and that’s something everyone wishes to happen in the real world. However, that is something that will not work in Angry Birds in general. The two movies were built upon a game where the birds fling themselves themselves towards the pigs’ defenses, trying to dismantle it, as the pigs were their enemies. This was shown to great effect in the first movie.

The second movie deviated from the very concept that made its foundation. By moving away from the premise of the game it was built upon, the movie lost its authenticity. It no longer reflected the Angry Birds franchise that the world had seen and loved. Therefore, the idea of unity, despite looking good on paper and on the screen, deep down, is not the best way to go with the birds and pigs. Birds and pigs in the Angry Birds franchise are always enemies. Having that enmity gone removes the essence of the birds being angry from the Angry Birds Movie 2.

However, for a children’s movie, Angry Birds Movie 2 made very interesting points as well. Red was exalted after he saved the children (who were eggs at the time of the previous movie). He enjoyed his position as a leader as well as the respect and the good image that went with it. However, when the birds were in danger, Red did not ask for help or ask the birds to evacuate as he worried that would be a sign he failed at leading. Through Red, the creators of the movie showed a perfect example of what people should not become once they have attained a position of power. Being in power is great, but no one is all-powerful. Putting everything in one person’s hands would cause more problems down the line than asking for help beforehand.

Why Is the Sequel’s Antagonist a Bird?

zeta, the antagonist, is a bird

The movie introduced a “third faction.” Its predecessor established two: the birds and the pigs. However, while a new team – the Eagles – was introduced, the Mighty Eagle did not appear to be a member. The target audience of the film is young people, who are probably even well-versed in the games. The movie having a bird antagonist while uniting the birds and the pigs went to show that evil did not have a specific shape or form and that evil could exist even among the ranks of the good. The first movie established that birds were good and the pigs were bad; however, discriminating groups like that was not right, as there could be good among the bad and bad among the good as well.

What Is the Significance the Movie’s Ending?

the hatchlings

The reason why Zeta turned evil was that she felt abandoned by the birds, particularly by Ethan (Mighty Eagle). That also applies in real life. The feeling of being unloved can change a person, and some even take the vengeance route. However, there is always a hope of redemption for those who have done wrong to others. Ethan proved his worthiness in the eyes of Zeta by saving Debbie, their daughter. If someone wants reconciliation, solid action is the best way to go. Zeta and Ethan now have a happy ending.

In the Angry Bird Movie 2, a significant subplot saw the hatchlings on a journey to rescue their sibling’s eggs. A third Angry Birds movie can capitalize on this subplot rather than introducing new elements again. This could deliver a story in the vein of Dug’s Special MissionAngry Birds 3 could focus on the hatchlings and their adventures.

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