Can a Live-Action Lady and the Tramp Remake Do Well?

Lady and the Tramp

Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb seems to be one of the many that might actually be on board with the live action Disney movies coming out these days and that’s not a horrible thing really since a few of them have been quite well done. Lady and the Tramp however almost seems like it’s going to be a less than stellar idea since the live action animal movie The Lion King just came out not that long ago. The only real saving grace is that it seems as though this movie might be coming out on Disney’s new streaming service, which could mean that it wouldn’t be in direct competition to The Lion King, which would be fortunate. But still, in a big way it sounds too much like something that’s already been done more than once and might be wearing a little thin. That’s one opinion of course and there are plenty of people that would likely state that it could be something uniquely wonderful. But again, as we’ve already seen with The Lion King the reality of how things appear versus what they look like when animated creates a huge disparity in the minds of a few individuals.

The one big issue that’s been seen when comparing animated movies to the live action version comes when one notices that animals tend to look scruffier, less emotive, and a lot less like their animated counterparts. This is an obvious difference since animated animals are drawn to express more emotion and typically do things that real life animals can’t do. This movie might do okay but it still feels like a reach even though it’s moving forward and has already procured the voice talents that will be used, as Tessa Thompson will be playing Lady and Justin Theroux will be taking on the part of Tramp. The voice talent should be fairly impressive since Disney doesn’t spare much of any expense when it comes to who they hire on to make these movies work. But the overall idea of Lady and the Tramp is also one that’s been done so many times that it might have been best left as an animated feature since the love that blossoms between a well to do individual and someone from the other side of the tracks so to speak is a story that’s been told over and over. For some people it never gets old since the idea of falling in love and being compatible despite where one comes from is something that many people can easily get behind. But in terms of a live action movie with talking animals, this has been done more than once in the past in a few different ways.

The movie is going to happen, there’s really nothing to halt it now unless something doesn’t go right with the production or someone has to bow out at the last minute, but whether it’s going to be a hit like Disney wants it to be is still in question. The craze to turn so many of its animated classics into live movies seems to be taking on new and broader heights as it continues to see the success of each successive movie. It’s great and all that they’re trying something different, but something new would likely be a little more appreciated. To be honest no one is going to pass up on anything Disney these days since it’s almost impossible to do so anymore. Considering how much the House of Mouse owns it’s easy to see how the odds are that most people will be watching something owned by Disney or directly made by the corporation. That’s why it seems as though it might behoove Disney to start thinking about new ideas rather than revamping old ones that people love in their current format. When Disney’s streaming service hits there’s already a good chance that a lot of their new and exciting content will be able to wow the audience and get them docile enough to start accepting old ideas with a new shiny label, but really, eventually Disney is going to have to think of something new and exciting to really get the people pumped for what might be possible and what they can do with all that they currently own. What would be really exciting would be if they keep the Fox properties they have as they are and allow themselves to market to adults as much as they do to kids.

Lady and the Tramp is a classic movie, it is. But the live action act is starting to wear a little thin with some people and as a result it could be that folks would rather see some movies remain animated while others are given a chance to show their amazing visuals in a live action performance.

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