Top Scenes from 2013’s “The Great Gatsby”

When announcements were made that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, would be adapted into a movie, lovers of the novel were highly skeptical. Hollywood can sometimes have a way of including and excluding parts of stories to make them better adaptable to screen viewing.

The Great Gatsby will become director Baz Luhrmann’s highest-grossing movie netting $353.6 million at the box office. To help breathe life into the novel’s characters, the movie is packed with super-talented stars. These include Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, and Amitabh Bachchan. It also had Jay-Z as executive producer.

For a quick rundown of the movie, here are the top notable scenes that effortlessly stood out.

The First Time Nick Sees Gatsby


Credit: The Great Gatsby

Although Nick (Tobey Maguire) had heard many things about Gatsby, he had yet to meet his neighbor. After returning from East Egg, where he went for dinner with his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, he would finally get to meet Gatsby or his silhouette.

For Nick, Gatsby was oddly reaching for a green light on the other side of the river. Nick wondered why Gatsby would be out at that time of the night on his harbor, reaching for the unknown.

Nick Finds Out Tom Has a Mistress


Credit: The Great Gatsby

When Nick agreed to accompany Tom into the city, the last thing he hoped to find was his cousin’s husband having a mistress. Tom makes a pit stop in the Valley of Ashes which has a billboard of the all-seeing eye of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg.

Tom pretends to chat with George and distracts him long enough for his mistress, George’s wife, Myrtle Wilson, to join the journey to the city.

Nick Gets an Invitation to a Gatsby Party

Nick and Gatsby

Credit: The Great Gatsby

Although Nick doesn’t seem much like a party type, he’s more curious to meet his neighbor, Gatsby. He soon discovers he’s the only one with an invitation to the party, as all guests from far and near are always welcome.

Nick is amazed at the exquisite party and wonders how Gatsby is able to pull it off every weekend. While searching to know who Gatsby is, Nick meets Jordan at the party. Jordan is summoned by Gatsby, who reveals certain information to her.

Nick finally gets to meet Gatsby. Gatsby seems drawn to Nick and invites him for lunch in Manhattan. While in Manhattan, Gatsby introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfsheim (Amitabh Bachchan), his business partner.

Gatsby Requests a Favor from Nick

Nick and Gatsby

Credit: The Great Gatsby

Jordan finally reveals to Nick the relationship Gatsby had with his cousin Daisy. The two were lovers separated by the war. When the war is over, Gatsby returns to find Daisy is married to Tom. Gatsby throws these elaborate parties, hopeful that Daisy will attend one of them.

Later that night, Gatsby waits for Nick to return home. Nick agrees to invite his cousin Daisy to tea at his (Nick’s) house. This way, Gatsby can make an entrance and finally see Daisy again.

Gatsby Meets Daisy in Nick’s Home

Daisy and Gatsby

Credit: The Great Gatsby

Even with his wealth and status, Nick sees how uneasy Gatsby looks at the thought of seeing Daisy again. Gatsby goes all out to decorate Nick’s home with flowers and pastries, hoping to make an impression on Daisy.

At the last minute, just as Daisy walks into Nick’s home, Gatsby disappears through the back entrance. Shocked at his disappearance, Nick searches and finds him at the front door, all soaked and wet from the rain.

After a long stare at one another, they chat endlessly like lost lovers. Drowned by their conversation, they hardly notice Nick’s arrival from wherever he went. This would be the start of Gatsby and Daisy’s affair.

Gatsby Behaves Ungentlemanly


Credit: The Great Gatsby

Gatsby loves to think of himself as an Oxford man. So, when Daisy says she wants to run away with him, he prefers it’s done properly, by asking Tom for a divorce.

Tom, never one to be moved by Gatsby’s new money, finds out who he really is. Gatsby loses his temper and proves to everyone that he’s not truly an Oxford man.

The Death of Myrtle Wilson

Myrtle Wilson

Credit: The Great Gatsby

As George continues to argue with Myrtle over her infidelity, she runs out into the street to stop Tom’s car. Unbeknownst to her, Daisy was driving and could not have known who she was. Daisy hits and kills Myrtle as George watches the car drive away.

The Death of Gatsby


Credit: The Great Gatsby

Tom convinces George that the car belongs to Gatsby and that it was Gatsby having an affair with Myrtle. Enraged and seeking vengeance, George swore to avenge Myrtle. However, Gatsby stayed hopeful that Daisy would reach out after divorcing Tom so they could run away together.

Nick, overhearing Tom and Daisy’s conversation about moving away with their daughter, finally decides to inform Gatsby the next day. As the butler picks up his call, Nick hears a gunshot. George had found his way into Gatsby’s home, shot him in his swimming pool, and committed suicide.

Gatsby Burial


Credit: The Great Gatsby

Nick is shocked to discover that no one attended Gatsby’s burial. He alone, apart from reporters fishing for a story, is present. For all the great parties Gatsby threw in his mansion, with uncountable guests, no one came to pay their last respect.

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