Andor: The Axe Forgets-Recap

Andor: The Axe Forgets-Recap
Andor' Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Axe Forgets” - Nerds and Beyond

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It’s interesting to realize how much is going on in the Star Wars universe that doesn’t have that much to do with the Jedi or the Sith, especially since this makes it easier to realize how tough life can be for so many of those who reside within the galaxy. Andor is the type of story that one can get into without having to worry too much about the Force and what it means to various characters, not to mention what it can be used to do. This show is about people and the effects they have on each other, as the Empire is a complex machine that doesn’t produce just villains and yet stands as a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately, knowing how to start a rebellion requires knowing who to trust and how one can outsmart the Imperials. The former is definitely tough, but the latter appears to be kind of easy, depending on who one is dealing with. As it’s already been noted, some of those within the Empire aren’t exactly the brights bulbs in the box and are just after results, meaning that they don’t care about the details as much. 

Review: 'Andor' Episode 5 'The Axe Forgets' Sets up Characters for What's  Ahead but Doesn't Stand on Its Own - Star Wars News Net

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The directions that this story is going so far are a little confusing, but it does feel that they have a point. 

From the rising of the Rebellion to the internal issues that are going on in the Empire, this show has made it clear that there are numerous moving parts to the Star Wars universe, and they’re all apparently doing their own thing while people are waiting to see what will happen. The gist of it is that a lot of people know what happens in the story moving forward since it’s already been written, but finding out what went on before the Rebellion took flight is bound to be of interest to a lot of people simply because it shows what was required to topple the giant that was the Galactic Empire. Despite what was shown in A New Hope, the Rebellion was at one time a group of individuals who didn’t trust each other any further than they could see each other. Trust in the Rebellion was earned the hard way, while fear was the currency that allowed the Empire to operate so freely. 

Cassian is definitely a tough character to get a read on sometimes. 

One could say that he’s just in it for the money, that he’s a mercenary that wants to get paid and take care of himself and possibly those he cares about, but there is a little more to Cassian that plenty of fans know about. It just hasn’t been shown yet, mostly because this is Cassian 1.0, the man that had yet to fully trust anyone enough to accept their touch or even their mild questioning of his character. As a guy that’s just there for the money, as he finally admits to the others in his group, Cassian doesn’t appear to care about much except saving his own skin. But there is more to his character, that much appears to be obvious, but it’s locked away behind his suspicion of others and the fact that he is willing to stand up to the Empire if there’s a reason to do so. But without money, it feels as though Cassian isn’t going to consider doing anything too risky since he’s not the type to put his life on the line without getting something in return. He’s not too far from the character that everyone remembers from Rogue One, but there are still a few rough edges to grind down before he becomes the Rebel operative that he was introduced as. 

Andor episode 5 recap: the rebels plan their attack

credit: Andor

The Imperials know that they need to look for something; they just don’t know what. 

When you’re doing your best to establish and maintain control over an entire galaxy it’s fair to think that not everything is going to be so easy to cover, especially when it comes to entire systems that are dedicated to remaining free from tyranny. The heavy-handed tactics that the Empire used have obviously been brutal and insanely effective most times, but usually only in a broad, sweeping manner. It’s not at all difficult to think of how the Rebels might have found the cracks in the Empire’s defense, but it’s not always bound to be the easiest way to go, either. From the lowest initiate in the Empire to the Emperor, the Empire is a little too arrogant in its manner to even believe that it might fail to subjugate the entire universe. Because of that, the Rebels have always had a chance. 

The series still feels a bit slow, but it’s starting to pick up. 

The thing that fans need to remember about Andor is that it’s not bound to be like others that feature Jedi and Sith, so therefore it’s going to be far more basic and less grand in nature. But the upside is that it’s a different perspective that isn’t always given to the fans when it comes to Star Wars

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