2020 is Looking An Awful Lot Like Black Mirror Season 6

It’s not too hard to think of why Charlie Brooker might not want to push his next season of Black Mirror forward just yet, as it’s mentioned in Joblo that the coronavirus is only part of the reason why production has been stalled. The current state of things in America is another reason why Brooker has decided to pump the brakes just a bit since there’s enough civil unrest without adding to it with more representation from the entertainment industry. Of course if that’s the case then disaster movies look pretty opportunistic when it comes to their timing and other movies that address various social issues could be given the same type of look. Ultimately it is the decision that Brooker appears to be going with since Black Mirror has, since its inception, been kind of an odd and even bleak look at society through a lens that might not show the absolute worst-case scenarios, but is bound to upset a lot of people that are already at the tipping point and don’t need another nudge forward. That does make it sound as though Brooker is giving into the fear that’s enveloped the nation after what’s already happened in 2020 and has only been compounded following the death of George Floyd, but that’s how things are being handled at the moment, very few people want to run the risk of compounding the issue and adding any more fuel to a fire that’s possibly about to run out of control.

From a technological standpoint things are getting even more disturbing since videos continue to pop up on the internet of people being absolutely horrible to each other and showing that a dystopian society might not be too far off in the future. Whatever tensions people are using to justify the current social climate are being repeatedly fed into, and technology is right there at the forefront to document a good part of it, which usually ends up being among the worst parts. While some people attempt to alleviate the issues by showing positive interactions and spreading positive moments, most times these are drowned out by the sea of conflict that humanity continues to flounder in, as many people appear to be content to keep their heads above water while claiming that someone is trying to keep them down. In some cases that’s sadly true, but in others it’s the opinions, the beliefs, and the inability to see beyond the sordid past of this nation that keeps people from moving forward in an attempt to push past the negativity that’s been created and expanded to such a degree. It might be that Black Mirror season 6 can’t really hold a candle to what 2020 has already shown us, and we still have another half of the year to go, and every year moving ahead to think about. At this time the coronavirus, which is still a very real thing, has almost been forgotten in some ways since the racial tensions that this country has had to deal with for so long. Thinking that things are starting to look like a TV show is cute and all since a lot of shows and movies tend to show the worst cast scenarios, but apart from the reality that people are facing right now, the make-believe stories that Black Mirror shows can’t possibly be worse at this point since reality has a way of reminding us that it’s not going anywhere and will still be here when the show is over.

Eventually we will see season 6 of Black Mirror make its way to the screen as RadioTimes and many others have stated, but at the moment it would appear that letting things cool down, if that’s possible, is what’s desired first. With society going the way it’s been lately, there’s not much of a wonder why anyone would balk at the idea of releasing a show that depicts society crumbling not just at the edges, but throughout the entire fabric that keeps it together. Black Mirror isn’t an issue that’s bound to snap reality completely out of focus, but as Brooker might be thinking it could be wise to hold back and make sure that people aren’t about to use a TV show as a basis for finally letting go of the bonds that keep society together. Things are already uncomfortable and have been for some time, but firing the shot that might scatter the herd and make them run roughshod over everyone in their path isn’t something that anyone wants to do since it would likely create a firestorm that the nation might not recover from for a while. As it currently stands the nation is already teetering towards yet another social catastrophe as so many are attempting to push their own narrative without realizing that a compromise exists, if only they’d stop and take the time to notice.

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