An Exorcist Reboot is Coming from Morgan Creek Entertainment

An Exorcist Reboot is Coming from Morgan Creek Entertainment

An Exorcist Reboot is Coming from Morgan Creek Entertainment

Morgan Creek Entertainment must have something up their sleeve that others haven’t been able to harness since to this date The Exorcist has been one of the most untouchable movies in terms of anyone managing to replicate the success of the original movie. Even The Exorcist III, which managed to gain a positive amount of attention, didn’t quite measure up. But apparently it’s worth the effort to make another attempt at it since the word is that the movie will be expected to come out in 2021. The only thing is that no one knows yet if it will be a reboot or if it will be a continuation and no one knows just what the story is going to entail at this time. In other words, the idea has been released and little to nothing else has been used to let people know just what’s coming. It’s not the first time this has been done and it won’t be the last since a lot of people are bound to be excited that the movie will be getting a reboot. But it could be kind of useful to know just a little more about the idea since it would then be possible to write a little more about it. Otherwise, a lot of people are left with the need to rehash what’s been seen and done throughout the years when it comes to The Exorcist and what might be in store for the audience when the movie returns.

The original movie was a blockbuster that did far better than a lot of people might have thought it would, but since then it’s been touch and go when it comes to this idea since the prequels really didn’t do much despite the fact that they cost more to make and were expected to perform fairly well. It would almost appear as though the origin of the movie wasn’t a big deal since Regan and her possession took up the majority of the story and as anyone can guess it’s why the movie was so popular in the first place. It might sound perverse, but using a child to push the idea of possession was bound to draw a bigger audience since the shock value is much greater and as a result, more people are willing to sit and watch as they wait and see what happens to the little girl and how the priests manage to expel the demon from her body. Obviously this would allow the story to go on since true evil can’t really be destroyed, just transferred and banished, but after the first movie, it was clear that people were hooked and wanted more. The only problem was that when they managed to get more they weren’t all that satisfied.

Strange as it might sound, the 1973 movie is still the best in the franchise, and even with its less than stupendous effects, the story has held out as the best in the bunch to this date. There was something to be said about the prequels since the whole story was a bit interesting, but it felt like it went pretty far off base and could have been a much different movie than the original and been far better off for it. In fact, it might have been better if The Exorcist had been a standalone movie that didn’t need any sequels to keep it great, but then again when Hollywood sees what they figure is a cash cow they’re bound to pounce and make sure that they drain every penny they can out of it. That might sound a bit cynical but the fact remains that Hollywood is a place that runs on money and so long as they can find those that are willing to pay for something and an idea that they can push those in charge are going to do it again and again in order to make certain that they’re not missing out any potential profit. The Exorcist ended up doing so well that the producers were probably seeing dollar signs for a while and didn’t realize that the sequel was going to underperform in such a big way. Of course, that doesn’t really excuse the prequels or the third movie, or the TV show that aired between 2016 and 2017, all of which paled in comparison to the original movie.

As I said at the beginning, Morgan Creek Entertainment must know something that everyone else doesn’t, or they’re hoping and praying they do since the task of bringing back the Exorcist as a reboot could be pretty daunting for anyone at this point, especially with the current track record that the movies have been leaving behind. It’s a hope that something can be done with it, but until we get to find out more about the movie and what’s happening with it there’s bound to be a lot of questions that will remain unanswered.

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