Unearthing the Secrets of ‘There Will Be Blood’: 10 Fascinating Facts

Unearthing the Secrets of ‘There Will Be Blood’: 10 Fascinating Facts

Unearthing the Secrets of ‘There Will Be Blood’: 10 Fascinating Facts

Introduction: The Brutal Beauty of ‘There Will Be Blood’

‘There Will Be Blood’ is a cinematic masterpiece that showcases the raw intensity and unparalleled talent of Daniel Day-Lewis. His portrayal of a ruthless oil prospector is so convincing that it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role. The film is filled with fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and details that only add to its allure. Let’s dive into 10 intriguing facts about this unforgettable movie.

1. ‘There Will Be Blood’ Delayed ‘No Country for Old Men’

During the filming of ‘There Will Be Blood,’ a nearby set for ‘No Country for Old Men’ experienced some unexpected delays. Due to pyrotechnical tests on an oil derrick, the Coen brothers had to halt production until the smoke cleared the following day.

2. The Young Actor’s Mother Almost Didn’t Allow Him to Participate

The mother of the child actor in the film was initially hesitant to let her son work with Daniel Day-Lewis. After watching ‘Gangs of New York,’ she was concerned about Day-Lewis’ intense acting style. However, after viewing ‘The Age of Innocence,’ she changed her mind and allowed her son to participate in the film.

3. Day-Lewis’ Invaluable Contribution to the Film

Many people involved in the production of ‘There Will Be Blood’ have stated that the film would not have been the same without Daniel Day-Lewis. His dedication to the role and his ability to fully immerse himself in the character made a significant impact on the final product.

4. A Unique Weekly Ritual to Keep the Character Alive

To maintain a connection with the character of Daniel Plainview, the cast and director would gather every Wednesday night for a meal of steak and straight vodka. This ritual helped them stay in tune with the essence of the film’s protagonist.

5. The Unusual Ingredient for Fake Oil

The substance used to create the appearance of oil in the film is actually the same ingredient used in McDonald’s chocolate milkshakes. While it’s unclear exactly which component of the milkshake was used, it’s an interesting tidbit for fans of the movie.

6. A Delayed Start to Dialogue

The first real line of dialogue in ‘There Will Be Blood’ doesn’t occur until 14 minutes into the film. Prior to that, there is only a single utterance of the word ‘no.’ This slow build-up adds to the movie’s overall atmosphere and tension.

7. Day-Lewis’ Character Inspiration

Daniel Day-Lewis based his portrayal of Daniel Plainview on a real-life oilman from the past. Additionally, he modeled his character’s movements after Dracula, adding an eerie and predatory quality to his performance.

8. Three Years of Preparation

Daniel Day-Lewis is known for his intense dedication to his roles, and ‘There Will Be Blood’ was no exception. He spent three years preparing for the part, fully immersing himself in the character and rarely breaking from it.

9. Authenticity in Casting

The actor who played H.W., Daniel Plainview’s son, is actually deaf. This casting choice added a layer of authenticity to the film and made the scenes between Plainview and H.W. even more poignant and powerful.

10. A Surprisingly Low Body Count

Despite the film’s intensity and Daniel Day-Lewis’ reputation for playing violent characters, ‘There Will Be Blood’ features only four deaths. This relatively low body count is a testament to the film’s focus on psychological tension and character development rather than gratuitous violence.

In conclusion, ‘There Will Be Blood’ is a captivating film that showcases the immense talent of Daniel Day-Lewis and offers a wealth of fascinating behind-the-scenes stories. These intriguing facts only serve to enhance the movie’s enduring appeal and solidify its place in cinematic history.

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