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Event Horizon

Michael Kennedy from ScreenRant and many others that have either seen Event Horizon or have at least heard of it have come to realize that the realm that the ship inadvertently traveled to is commonly referred to as Hell. What Dr. Weir, played by Sam Neill, alluded to however is that the realm is so much worse than Hell since it is unbridled chaos of the type that revels in slaughter and the desecration of flesh, as could be seen in the various images throughout the movie. In short, the ship had brought back something, a sentience of some sort, that was fully in control of the vessel and was eager to take in as many victims as possible. But that does beg the question, is the ending of the movie where we’re going to see it start up, or will it be a prequel series leading up to the first disappearance and then possibly to the events of the movie?

It’s hard to say since the original director won’t be working on the project, though a few people that had something to do with it will be making their way back. That’s comforting enough since there will be a couple of old hands on deck that know just what went into the movie. Those that don’t remember the movie or didn’t watch it to begin with might not understand the kind of risk that Amazon is taking on with this one, but those fans  that do remember it will likely be watching closely since despite the fact that it reached cult status, Event Horizon was never one of the most sought-after movies when it came to the theater or when it came to video. There was something so inherently dark to it that some people did get up and leave the theater. The darker elements of the movie did seem to suggest a very infernal force that was present within the ship, and the manner in which it kept taunting the crew couldn’t be called anything but supernatural. The moment that the crew stepped onto the ship they were doomed, it just took a while for them to find out.

There are some questions about the movie to be sure, just as there are always questions about any movie. For instance, did the strange force that had possessed the ship manage to open the gate that would let it back into the galaxy it had come from, or was there still a crew member alive before the jump was made? If the force could manipulate the ship and open the gate then it stands to reason that it might be able to find a way to reopen the gate again to start off the series, as the rear part of the ship was what sank through the black hole in the end, while the forward part was jettisoned far enough away to safety. Joe Otterson of Variety goes into a little more description, but the basic gist is that there is a chance that the gate could be opened again. If the ship came back, does that mean the crew it took from the Lewis and Clark would return as well? Of course only three of them were killed on ship, as the pilot was on the Lewis and Clark when it exploded thanks to a well-placed explosive.

Plus, who are they getting for the cast? The original cast, those that survived anyway, would almost have to play traumatized individuals who would somehow be linked to the disappearance and then possible reappearance of what was left of the Event Horizon, and as we saw at least one of them was bound to be plagued by nightmares for the rest of her life. It’s actually kind of exciting, in a morbid way, to think about the possibilities of what could happen with a series like this. But there is a great deal of emphasis on trying to start it up from the beginning when the Event Horizon was set off on her maiden voyage, where she disappeared along with her crew. Images of the chaotic realm the ship went to seem like they’d desired by a lot of people, but implications of such a realm might be better, and the overall dissolution of the crew would be perfect since it seems that it would be enough of an explanation to keep everything on the ship and not focus too much on what lay within the realm they went to. Otherwise it seems that the story might get stretched a bit too much and could possibly lose the cohesion it needs to really entertain the audience.

All in all Event Horizon is a very disturbing story that was hellishly fun to watch on the big screen where it could cause the most shivers. On the small screen it might still be worth a watch since the story could go in a few different ways depending on how the writers want to shape it.

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