An Enchanting Lord of the Rings Cover by Alina Gingertail

There’s something haunting about the type of music that’s used on projects such as The Lord of the Rings, especially when it’s taken seriously enough that it takes on such a beautiful quality as this. No offense to Billy Boyd, aka Pippin, but the Gingertail cover has him beat pretty easily when it comes down to the overall beauty of this tune. He does a good job for the movie without any doubt, and the scenes of Faramir, played by David Wenham, and his men taking on insurmountable odds to retake the city of Osgiliath, only serve to strengthen the force of the song. It’s entirely understandable that plenty of fans still love the way Boyd performed the song in the movie since it played right into the main thrust of it given that Faramir knew his father was insane to send a smaller force against Osgiliath, especially when the city had been overrun in such a big way. Pippin, for all that he started out as a kind of useless and joking character, ended up becoming one of the more useful individuals since he not only lit the signal fire that summoned King Theoden and his forces, he also found himself in the middle of danger during Return of the King more than once, even after Gandalf told him that it was no place for a hobbit. Much like Sam and Merry, Pippin had to finally stand up and be bold since anything else simply wasn’t acceptable. The fact that he bent the knee to Denethor was a little upsetting, especially since the steward was a raving lunatic that was mad with power. But it all fit into the story nicely and it managed to create a new level for Pippin’s character that hadn’t really been developed yet. Up until that point he was kind of a bumbling individual that had good qualities and had a good heart, but he hadn’t really been tested when it came to his character yet.

This song is one of those that tends to reach deep into someone’s heart and soul if they allow it in order to sway them in a manner that leans towards reflection, introspection, and a simple appreciation of something beyond oneself. On top of that, it’s simply a nice tune that a lot of people can get into, and it’s one of many that this particular artist has taken on over the course of her career. Listening to other songs that she’s covered have been quite interesting since she has a rather nice voice and a definite level of skill that is greatly appreciated. The musical qualities that some people possess is easy to be enviable of since music is something that a lot of people tend to take for granted, but when one can feel it in their bones it’s hard to fully describe without sounding a wee bit pretentious. But it’s a feeling that hearkens back to a time when things were simpler, when people didn’t worry incessantly about everything in their daily lives and could take a few moments now and then to simply enjoy the seconds or minutes in which they were allowed to remember what life is really about, which is different for everyone. Even the times that were simpler are different for everyone, as music reminds us that while there are uniform aspects of life that follow certain rules and fall in line without thinking about it, there are still plenty of wild, unrestrained moments in which life is there to be enjoyed, much like the varied notes and chords that people enjoy in so many different ways. Music can be chaotic, it can be ordered, it can be loud and obnoxious, and it can be quiet and demure, much like anything in this world, and like all things, it’s up to the perception and desire of the individual to divine what they see as pleasing and what they wish to avoid.

That’s a lot to unload for a simple clip, but it’s a truth concerning music that many would likely agree with or seek to put into their own words. There are things that music is and there are things that it’s not, and it’s up to each person to decide for themselves what music means to them in order to fit it into their own personal experience. Edge of Night is a pretty simple and short piece that able to create a great deal of emotion in many people, but might be seen as little more than a blurb to others. That’s one of the ways in which music works, by being adaptable to the perceptions and desires of those that experience it from one angle or another. To many people, this tune is haunting and quite nice, but it’s just another part of a movie. To others, it’s likely much more. But that’s kind of how it works.

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