10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amouranth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amouranth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amouranth

25 years ago, posting videos on the internet was probably seen as nothing more than a waste of time. These days, however, it can be a legitimate way to make money and it’s even become a career path for countless content creators. Among them is well-known YouTuber, Amouranth. Over the last several years, she had built a solid online presence that includes millions of people across multiple platforms. She posts a variety of content, but fashion and cosplay appear to be among her most popular. Thanks to her content, she has made millions of dollars, and the money continues to pour in. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Amouranth.

1. She Is A Texas Native

Born Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, Amouranth is originally from the Houston, TX area. Although she has shared some information about her personal life, such as her real name, there doesn’t seem to be any information on her childhood or any specific details about her family.

2. She Was Allegedly Married

Amouranth has lots of very interesting fans, and there are several who have randomly (and wrongfully) expressed that they are married. However, some sources have reported that she allegedly married a man named Nick Lee back in 2015. She has never confirmed this information.

3. She Has An Account On OnlyFans

Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube are the platforms where Amouranth has gotten the most attention. However, those aren’t the only places where she has an online presence. She also has an account on the popular premium content site, OnlyFans. The platform is mostly used to share X-rated content.

4. She Used To Be A Dress Up As A Disney Character

Even before Amouranth was dressing up and sharing her costumes with millions of people, she had already dabbled into that world. She used to work as a party mascot where she dressed up as Disney characters to entertain young children at birthday parties.

5. She Doesn’t Shy Away From Controversy

Controversy is something that most people in the spotlight like to stay away from, but Amouranth isn’t the type to care. She is easily one of the most controversial users on Twitch and she has even referred to herself as a troll. Even with all of the backlash, though, she has continued to bring in millions of viewers.

6. She Taught Herself To Design Costumes

Designing outfits isn’t an easy thing to do, and it can take people years of practice and classes to even come close to getting it right. However, the skill seemed to come pretty naturally to Amouranth. According to Youtube Fandom, Amouranth is a self-taught costume designer who learned the ropes back in 2010.

7. She Believes Someone Tried To Burn Her House Down

In August 2021, Amouranth revealed that her house almost burned down. Shortly after, she shared that authorities believed that the fire was set purposely. Fortunately for her, the local fire department was able to get to the scene and put the fire out before any serious damage occurred.

8. She Never Planned On Getting So Popular Online

When Amouranth started her online journey, posting videos was simply something she was doing for fun. She had no idea that it would eventually become a full-time career opportunity and turn her into a millionaire. Luckily, things panned out the way they did and she is now an internet superstar.

9. She Wants To Build An Animal Sanctuary

Amouranth has always loved animals, but the tragic loss of her dog inspired her to want to build an animal sanctuary. According to Kotaku, Amouranth said, “My dog passed away from bloat…It was midnight, and I couldn’t get into the vet in time, so I just had to witness my dog dying. That’s when I kind of found my purpose. It’s like, man, at least I could give him a good five years. So eventually I decided that’s what I want to dedicate my life towards. I hope to pivot my content there someday, but for right now we’re just trying to get there, you know?”

10. She Has Native American Roots

Diversity is truly the spice of life, and the fact that people are so different is one of the things that makes the world such an interesting place. Apparently, Amouranth’s background is much more diverse than most people would think. The about section on her website mentions that she comes from a variety of ethnicities including Cherokee. However, as far as we can tell, she does not have a government-issued Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood which would confirm that she truly does have Cherokee ancestry.dog

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