America’s Got Talent All Stars: The Top 10 Moments

America’s Got Talent All Stars: The Top 10 Moments
America’s Got Talent All Stars: The Top 10 Moments

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars is the grand culmination of all previous America’s Got Talent installments and international Got Talent spin-offs. As the name implies, it brings back some of the stars, the best of the best, that walked the Got Talent stages. Thus, performing in All-Stars is a great honor and privilege for the contestants.

Many outstanding talents returned for the show, leading to many iconic moments. Below is a list of the most enjoyable, most surprising, and most jaw-dropping scenes that happened in the America’s Got Talent: All-Stars finale. In the end is a short recap of who won the show.

10. “Beverly Hills” Performance by Detroit Youth Choir With Weezer

Beverly Hills

Detroit Youth Choir‘s joint entry with Weezer was something that the judges enjoyed. Howie Mandel said that he loved the song. The youth choir might have pulled a less extravagant entrance than the Light Balance Kids, a fellow group performer, but they were more cheerful.

9. Terry Fator’s Closing Words

Terry Fator

After his spectacle with Ana-Maria Mărgean, Simon Cowell applauded Terry Fator for coming to perform in the show. Fator noted that it was his dream to share his passion as a ventriloquist with someone as passionate as him. Their segment ended on an inspiring note, with Fator saying that Mărgean had a great future ahead of her.

8. Ana-Maria Mărgean’s Singing Dog

Ana-Maria Mărgean and her dog

Elvis Presley‘s “A Little Less Conversation” is the song of choice for this cute performance. The young ventriloquist brought a dog who seemed to be tired of performing on the stage. They were joined by Fator’s Elvis impersonator doll. It’s not every day that one sees a dog singing with an iconic musician.

7. Power Duo’s flight

Power Duo with Lindsey Stirling

Power Duo‘s performance is double the interpretative dancing power — there was a ground performance and a “flying” performance. It was difficult to hold two people together while hanging in the air, and that was what made the duo’s performance majestic. Lindsey Stirling even said that it was too hard to resist looking at them the entire time.

6. Kodi Lee and Light Balance Kids’ Collab

an ecstatic Kodi Lee wearing a Light Balance Kids suit

The Bello Sisters and Aidan Bryant were not the only ones to have a joint performance. Kodi Lee played Avicii‘s Wake Me Up on piano, wearing a Light Balance Kid suit. After the first chorus, he stopped singing and introduced the Light Balanced Kids, who appeared next to the judges. They danced to the musical bridge of the song, with Lee blending in. It was a great dance performance by the dancing kids and the singing pianist together. The performance can only be described in Lee’s words, “It was so awesome!”

5. “I’m Gonna Swing From the Chandelier”

Aidan Bryant swings as is from a chandelier

If there was a “Best Entrance Award,” this would be it. Adam Lambert was the guest performer for the Bello Sisters and Aidan Bryant. The song being used in the performance was Sia‘s “Chandelier.” The performance began quite easily, with the camera focusing on Lambert. The first chorus of the song was the most goosebumps-inducing, as during the line “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier“, Bryant came swinging in, as if swinging from a chandelier. The audience did not have anything they could do but cheer at the genius wordplay and perhaps the most memorable entrance by a contestant.

4. “Holding on For Tonight”

Bryant's final move - America's Got Talent All Stars

But wait, the genius did not end there. The closing stanzas contained the line “holding on for tonight,” and as the emotional build-up was taking place with the song, the Bello Sisters were building themselves up to pave the way for Bryant’s penultimate move. With an elongated note on the “night,” Bryant flew above the sisters, holding on to his contraption, holding his last grip on the night, making the night his.

3. The Eight of Hearts

Howie Mandel surprised that an eight of hearts just appeared on his hand - America's Got Talent All Stars

Mat Franco opened Aidan McCann‘s performance with the “usual” “think of a card and I’ll pick it from this deck” trick. He tried this trick on Howie Mandel, and the trick ultimately failed after he did not guess the right card, so he “changed” the card in the judge’s hand, much to the latter’s surprise. That was the least of the surprising parts, though, as the card number and symbol appeared under the socks of Franco and McCann.

2. The Non-Matching Socks

Cowell and Klum revealed they did not have a matching pair of socks - America's Got Talent All Stars

Aidan McCann approached the judges with two decks of non-matching socks. How amazing would that be if the two remaining judges — Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum — picked two matching socks, right? However, they did not, much to McCann’s “dismay.” However, the trick was not in the cards that were supposed to match. It turned out that the two socks that the judges picked were the socks worn by McCann and Franco. The fun did not stop there, though, as when the two returned to the judges’ table, all the cards had matching socks, implying that Cowell and Klum picked the only non-matching pair!

1. Awarding Ceremony

awarding ceremony - America's Got Talent All Stars

The show culminated with just two performers on stage — Avery Dixon and Aidan Bryant. The latter was announced to be the champion. Remember when his mother prayed to God to keep his son safe in his stunts? It seemed that her prayer worked alot more than she was expecting, granting her son the title of America’s Got Talent All-Stars champion.

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