This is the Fastest Data Entry Man on the Planet

This is the Fastest Data Entry Man on the Planet

One of the biggest components to when I end my day is my ability to type as quickly as possible. Considering this site has over 50 pieces of content that go up per day and I personally handle close to 40, my words per minute has gotten a bit better over the years. While I doubt I’ll be getting a stenographer job (those people who transcribe stuff in courtrooms) anytime soon I can usually belt out close to 100 words per minute. I mention this not to boast but to say that’s actually a pretty good number.

But when you compare it to some of the whizzes out there, it’s nothing. Speaking of which, I think we’ve found our quickest draw in the West when it comes to data entry. By way of Geekologie,
This is a video from a convenience store of a man entering data on his little electronic number pad like the world is about to end in 30 seconds and the only way it stop it is taking accurate stock of the beverages in the drink cooler.

Seriously, you will never see someone enter information this quickly.  What the hell is he doing at a convenience store?

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