Meet The Cast of GLOW Season 3

Meet The Cast of GLOW Season 3

Glow Season 3

GLOW has definitely taken a lot of people by surprise in the best way since it’s become a show that people really want to care about and give a great deal of attention to since not only is it empowering women in a big way, but it’s also a pretty darn good program. Women wrestlers have never really received a fair shake when it comes to what they can do in the ring but quite honestly that’s been changing throughout the last several years as more and more have finally started taking notice that women can and do take on heavier roles within the squared circle and manage to make it look just as good since they’re doing far more at times to insure that the people are entertained. That’s the whole gist of it after all, to keep the people in the seats and cheering since without them there’s really no point. Hannah Shaw-Williams of ScreenRant managed to compile a list of cast members that we’ll be able to see in season 3. Here are just a few of them that are worth noting.

Alison Brie

Zoya the Destroyer is as many people know the main protagonist and the one person that people have been allowed to hate as far as her character goes. In wrestling this is pretty important since it’s not about liking everyone, but instead figuring out who’s going to be the baddie and who will be the hero that people can cheer for. The great part about this character though is that she was a struggling actress before she really took a chance and got in the ring.

Betty Gilpin

It can’t be easy to try and be a producer of a show as well as one of the talents but Betty, as Debbie, is making a serious go of it and so far is getting some people on her side since the struggles her character has to go through in making sure that people pay attention and that the promotion gets what it needs is obviously a bit stressful.

Kate Nash

In real life it’s interesting to see what happens when people try to walk one path and end up doing something completely different from what they had planned. It’s even more entertaining in a TV show since it gives a lot more depth to a character and fleshes them out in a big way. But going from singer to wrestler is something that seems kind of far-fetched, which is perfect for this program honestly.

Sydelle Noel

One thing you’ve got to figure is that for any promotion it’s got to be rough being the old dog of the group since not only do you know exactly what you’re doing and can point out what others are doing wrong, but sometimes you’ve got to keep the more inexperienced performers in line. This isn’t exactly an enviable task since it usually falls to those that have been around the longest but don’t always have the most patience.

Britney Young

Those that come from from a wrestling background often have to work a little harder to get out from under the shadow of those that have come before them, much like Carmen does since she’s been passed over so many times in favor of her brothers. When she came to GLOW however it was her time to turn things around and make certain that people would finally notice her skills in the ring rather than just look past her.

Kia Stevens

This is something that is seen in the real world as some wrestlers, particularly women, do feel the need to step back and take care of their families, thereby letting their career go by the wayside for a while so that they can focus on those that really need need them. But Tamme will be coming back with a vengeance now that she had a chance to do the right thing. The great part is that she’s also a real wrestler that goes by the name of Awesome Kong, so she knows what she’s doing.

Pilot Viruet of Vox seems to indicate that while the first two seasons were great, the third has kind of faltered under the weight of its own expectations. While that might be accurate enough it deos seem a little early still to think that the show might falter in any way since people are still willing to ride it out and see how far they can go with it. After all, women’s wrestling hasn’t lost its novelty yet and in light of the WWE and AEW doing their own thing it might be possible for GLOW to take advantage of the confusion and really establish itself as the kind of show that’s all about entertaining the people instead of simply pandering to them.

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