10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Pike

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Pike

Amber PIke

Imagine getting engaged to someone you have only been speaking to in darkness for over a month. Well, that is the reality of “Love is Blind” and with Amber Pike being a contestant in season one, she found her soulmate in Matthew Barnett. They got married 38 days after meeting on the show, and the couple is going strong, proving that you do not have to date for years before settling down. Still, it has not been easy as these facts about Amber will show you.

1. People thought she was a gold digger

They say that even if love is blind, you must fall in love with your eyes wide open. Still, Matt seemed not to care that Amber was $20,000 in debt and was out of a job. She did not even have a home, yet Matt had a perfect life. Someone went on Twitter to comment that Amber must be a legend for walking into a relationship without a home and with thousands of dollars of debt yet finding financial security, a stay-at-home career plan, a house, and a dog too. Amber, however, defended herself, saying she had not planned on living off of Matt.

2. She had an abortion

In her previous relationship, Amber suspected that she was pregnant, and her then-boyfriend asked how they could fix it. He suggested abortion and pressured her into getting rid of the pregnancy; the reality star ended up giving in, not knowing that it would haunt her to this day. Now every time she recounts the incident, she admits that she will never have another abortion. What made it even worse was the fact her boyfriend was not supportive after the abortion and told her to get over it.

3. Why she was not paying her debts

The reality television star said that people should not judge her for not paying her student loans; after all, even Matt had his, but he had managed to pay. She explained that she was unable to pay off her loans because, after her abortion, she sank into depression. Amber, therefore, took time off to work on her mental health, going as far as dropping out of school.

4. She does not have her priorities straight

Mental health is of utmost importance; even parents admit that they sometimes let their children stay at home until they are in a stable mental state. Consequently, we cannot judge Amber for dropping out of school to take care of herself. Nevertheless, for someone who knows that she has debts and did not mind maxing out her credit card with makeup purchases, it is evident that Amber was not planning on how to get out of debt. Maybe people were right that she might be using Matt to live a good life without lifting a finger.

5. She seemed to be seeking sympathy from her fans

No matter how good you were in the past, what you do in the present is what will determine your future, and that is one fact that Amber seems to be forgetting. When people wondered why she was out of a job during the entire filming process of the show, the star dug into her archives and posted a picture of her leg in a boot. She said that she had suffered an injury while working, and her doctor advised her to wear the boot. To further make her case, Amber added that she had been working since she was 14, and while the show was being filmed, she was dealing with legal issues regarding her workman’s compensation.

6. She had breast augmentation

Beauty will always remain in the eyes of the beholder, and if you look in the mirror and do not like what you see, then you have the right to make a change. Amber did precisely that by undergoing cosmetic surgery, saying that she wanted the breasts to look as natural as possible for her body type. The statement was to encourage her fans to always do their research before going under the knife. That confession attracted criticism since some wondered how she could afford cosmetic surgery but not pay her student loans. However, according to Screen Rant, the star claimed that she had the implants while in school, long before the loans piled up.

7. She wants to have a second wedding

In November 2018, Amber exchanged vows with Matthew Barnett, but since that was for the cameras mostly, she wants to have a wedding where she experiences what every bride wants according to Mail Online. Therefore her second wedding has to have a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and every other thing she missed at her first wedding in Mexico, which she described as perfect.

8. She hunts for sport

Amber is getting the wrong kind of attention lately, and now that photos of her enjoying trophy hunting have surfaced, she is facing a lot of backlash. She posted pictures of herself next to a dead deer with a bullet hole on its side, saying it was her first kill. That was in 2014, but the internet never forgets, so fans are furious that she would be excited about killing animals, with one commenting that Amber should wait for karma.

9. She still does not know how she was chosen to be on the show

“Love is Blind” season two is already casting, and people are being invited to make applications. All you need is to be genuinely interested in getting the love of your life. While right now, the process is clear, season one contestants are still not sure how they were selected for the show. Amber said that she got a random direct message asking if she would be interested in being on television. Her account was set to private, so she wondered how they found her, but she assumed that because they were looking for singles in Atlanta, using the #Atlanta may have helped her land a spot on the show.

10. She wanted to get a divorce

Right now, Amber and Matt seem to be the perfect couple, but there is a time she wanted to divorce Matt and went as far as calling a divorce lawyer. They admitted that their expectations of the experiment were crashed when the cameras stopped rolling, and they had to live as a couple. Since both were each used to a single lifestyle, it was difficult for them. Besides, with Amber being financially dependent on Matt, the relationship was further strained in the first year, but they seem to have sorted everything out.

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