10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alycia Debnam-Carey

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alycia Debnam-Carey

Alycia Debnam-Carey

Achieving success in the film industry is not a walk in the park. Most people are unable to maintain a clear mind when faced with the storms and demands of the career. However, one fierce young lady is doing it better than you could imagine. The young Alycia Debnam- Carey is a talent to behold. Besides her beauty and acting prowess, this young girl shares many other talents and interesting facts. Having already featured in the hit show Fear The Walking Dead, the young Alycia has more lined up in her career path. But if you thought you knew her, you have it all wrong. Here are some interesting facts about the young actress.

1. She Has Already Featured in More Than 5 Films

Most people only know Alycia for her role in Fear the Walking Dead and The 100. However, the young actress has already featured in many Hollywood films. She has been featured in films such as Martha’s Coat, Into the Storm, The Devil’s Hand and Friend Request among others. While she has only received widespread recognition in recent years, she has been acting her whole life.

2. Her Mother Influenced Her Career Choice

Alycia featured in her first film when she was only 8 years. Her mother, who is also in the film industry played a major role in propelling her into that path. Leone Carey, Alycia’s mother, is a respected television writer and has authored many notable publications including Do or Die. It is her association with the TV world that helped the young Alycia see light in that direction

3. She Is Not American

You would be fooled to think that Alycia is 100 percent American. Her success in Hollywood has overshadowed her roots in such a way that it is difficult to tell. She has managed to integrate so well into the American culture and adopt the accent. Alycia was born in Sydney Australia where she grew up and attended the Newton Highschool of Performing Arts.

4. She Started Acting at The Age of 8

Even though she was encouraged into the field, Debnam is immensely talented. She started acting at a very early age and even managed to feature in widely viewed shows. When she featured in Martha’s New Coat, she was just 8 years old. She later attended Performing Arts Academy to ace her skills before she rejoined the industry in 2011.

5. She Is Highly Intelligent

Carey has displayed a high level of intelligence throughout her life. Although she did not attend conventional school, she was still the best in her High School class. She received the Premier Award for scoring more than 90% in 6 of all her courses. It is her high intelligence that has helped her achieve so much in a short period.

6. She Featured In a Documentary

Although she is a successful Hollywood actor now, things were not rosy for her in the beginning. Most of her early work was in Australia. When she decided to try her luck in Hollywood, it was a different script for her. She first featured in a documentary, Next Stop Hollywood. She was the youngest player and did her role very well. This documentary opened more doors for her in Hollywood and she started Auditioning for major films. After several auditions, she landed her role in the film The Devil’s Hand.

7. She Has Won More Awards in One Show Than The Rest

Although the beauty queen started her acting early enough, she never managed to win an award until she took on her role in The 100. If you thought her success in the Fear of the Walking Dead has won her many awards you have it all wrong. She has managed to bag 3 MTV film awards for her role in the 100s. For this reason, she sees The 100 as her breakout film. She has only one MTV award for her role in The Fear of the Walking Dead.

8. She is Funny In Person

If you are a fan of the Fear of the Walking Dead, you might mistake her for a very serious person. Besides her acting, she is really funny. She says that she enjoys being happy and smiling. She loves being around funny people too.

9. She has been heartbroken before

While most men can only dream of dating a beauty queen as Alycia, some dare to break her heart. Rumor has it that Alycia once dated Marcus Castrus, her longtime friend and lover. However, the guy turned against their promise and cheated on her. To avoid too much drama, she has kept her private life off-air. She never talks about her relationships and a few can tell if she is seeing someone currently.

10. She could have been a musician

Besides her impeccable acting abilities, Alycia is also a musician. You may be wondering which are the songs she has done? Well, she could have gone the musical route after graduating due to her love for music. After graduating from Newton High School of the Performing arts, she started focusing on music. She participated in several events including a special group production done by 40 different artists. She had made up her mind to attend the Sydney Conservatorium Music before she changed her mind and moved to LA. Given that she is so good at her acting, it might have been the right choice for her. We all love her for her screenplay prowess but we would also love to listen to her music at some point.


Alycia Debnam is one of the most promising young talents in Hollywood. Having developed her trade in Sydney Australia, she has managed to take over the American Film industry. She is loved for her roles in The 100 and the Fear of the Living Dead. However, besides the acting, many other factors make her life interesting. Right from her childhood, Alycia has enjoyed an interesting life. Being brought up by her mother, attending performing arts school, and even featuring in film at the age of 8.Fear The Walking Dead

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