Five Actors Who Should Play Kevin O’Leary in a Movie

He may be known as “Mr. Wonderful,” but we all know that Kevin O’Leary is not the easiest person to be around. It’s not even that he’s obnoxious or mean; he’s just straight to the point. Being one of Shark Tank’s most popular investors, O’Leary just happens to know exactly who he is and what he wants to invest his money in. There’s truly nothing wrong with that. O’Leary has led such a successful and colorful life; it’s one that’s truly worth retelling and learning from. If his life were ever turned into a film, here are five actors whom we believe would do Kevin O’Leary justice.

1. James McAvoy

If you were to find actors that could do it all, James McAvoy would certainly be on the list. McAvoy has been around in the industry for some time now, and we’ve seen him do a variety of genres–drama, comedy, thriller, horror, action, fantasy, scifi, and even romance. He’s a solid actor, who still has an even brighter future ahead of him. Some of his last films have included the intense films Splitand Glass.He’s also famous for playing Professor Xavier in the latest X-Men franchise. He’s soon to star in It Chapter Two, and he was also cast as Lord Asriel in the TV series production of His Dark Materials.We believe McAvoy would be a convincing young O’Leary trying to navigate his way in the world of business. Although McAvoy is three inches shorter than O’Leary, we could definitely picture the actor pulling off a dramatic O’Leary with no problem.

2. Shia LaBeouf

There’s no doubt that Shia LaBeouf is as talented as they get. LaBeouf first showed promise as a young actor in the Disney Channel. After his Disney days, LaBeouf starred in a few films that took him straight to stardom. He was cast in I, Robot and The Greatest Game Ever Played before he landed one of his biggest roles to date in the Transformers franchise. He lost that role eventually, but LaBeouf still had a few blockbusters in his belt. Some of those included Lawless, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. LaBeouf is also a well-rounded actor. He can practically pull off any genre as well. We also know that he’s got the skill for drama, which is what we think O’Leary’s biopic would be like. There are slight physical similarities between younger O’Leary and LaBeouf, and the talented actor has experience doing a film about business before. He could very well capture the decorum and the persona of Mr. Wonderful. LaBeouf would be the perfect actor to portray O’Leary during the mid 80s when the businessman was just trying to get SoftKey launched. It was a pivotal time in his career, and if this were to be done in film, LaBeouf would definitely do the role justice.

3. Jacob Tremblay

O’Leary had a rough childhood. His parents divorced when he was just a child, and his father was an alcoholic. In fact, it was the alcoholism that caused his parents’ divorce, and it also eventually took his father’s life shortly after. These times in Kevin O’Leary’s life were important. They helped shape him into the man that he became many years later. His mother had an important role in his life, not only as mother and provider but also as teacher and mentor. In fact, O’Leary would learn most of the things he knows about business and investing from his mother. We can’t think of a better child actor to portray O’Leary as a child other than Jacob Tremblay. Tremblay is famous for his roles in films such as Wonder and Room.Apart from the fact that both O’Leary and Tremblay are both Canadian, we believe that Tremblay has already developed the proper skills in order to be successful in the industry. He’s actually already had a few successful films, and he’s only 12 years old.

4. Daniel Day Lewis

So he may be retired, but many actors come back into the industry for various reasons. Daniel Day Lewis is probably one of the most respected and renowned actors of our time. His career is the envy of many, and his films are some of the most iconic of this generation. Daniel Day Lewis is a transformative actor; he becomes the role. We’ve seen him transform himself into whomever he’s playing, and it’s almost scary how good he was. Some of his most iconic roles in recent times include There Will Be Blood and Lincoln.We believe that O’Leary’s life story is worthy of one Daniel Day Lewis portrayal. We’re not really sure who else could pull him off exactly how he is today. Daniel Day Lewis would have to portray Mr. Wonderful as he is today–sitting on a Shark Tank chair when he’s not berating his many employees and investees.

5. Stanley Tucci

He’s probably one of the most underrated actors of all time. Although he’s been nominated for and won many major awards throughout his career, majority of the categories were for a supporting role. It’s true that there are some actors born to be in the supporting cast, but Tucci has enough talent to carry a film on his own. We’ve seen him in a variety of film genres over the years, and frankly, we’ve never really seen him underperform in anything. We’ve seen him transformed into Caesar Flickman in The Hunger Games trilogy, and it’s probably a place where he could draw inspiration from to portray O’Leary. No, there are no similarities between the Flickman character and O’Leary, but the businessman sure lives in a Hunger Games kind of world. We’re certain that Tucci is one of the best there is to play O’Leary, and it could very well be his first lead role in a movie.

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