If The Academy Awards Really Wants to Send a Message to Donald Trump

One of the bigger stories to come out of the Academy Awards this year is something that has nothing to do with the awards show itself.  It was actually the skipping of an Oscars party by some celebrities to attend an immigration policy protest.  Jodie Foster and Michael J. Fox led the rally and spoke in front of thousands of people in support of protesting Trump’s proposed immigration ban.  That got me thinking.  While all the news you’re going to see today will be dedicated to Academy Awards stories, us included, and rehashing some Oscars memories, here’s an idea for the Academy Awards if they truly want to send a message to Donald Trump.

Instead of going on with the awards show and having the inevitable majority of speeches of winners dedicated to bashing Trump, how about completely canceling the show altogether?  How about all the celebrities in attendance completely skip the awards show and have the largest celebrity protest in the history of the world?  Instead of airing the awards the show could have the broadcast be a black screen with a message that reads something along the lines of:

“We’re sorry that Academy Awards is not on television right now but the majority of us are staging a protest against President Donald Trump at (X address).  Come join us.  This year is too important and America is too important for us to waste time on this awards show.  We need your support!”

You want to have the most famous Academy Awards show of all-time?  That’s how you do it.

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