Only Murders in the Building- A Review

Only Murders in the Building- A Review


Only Murders in the Building- A Review

credit: Only Murders in the Building

Just another crime series?

Finally, a new mystery comedy-drama series, huh? It seems like we cannot get enough of them in this day and age; people love crime paired with refreshing comedy.

The first ten-episode season of “Only Murders in the Building” premiered on Hulu in August 2021 and due to its success, a second season has been produced and released this year.

In this review, I shall give a short description of the plot, the acting, and the strong and weak points of the first season of this new, star-packed series that will launch its third season in 2023. So get prepared!


The premise- is neatly summarized.

The storyline starts with three strangers in an old building in New York City who share a common interest in true crime podcasts, played by Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. So when a sudden death happens in the apartment building they live in, they begin to do their investigation and record a podcast about their findings. 

About the unusual trio;  Oliver (Martin Short), Charles (Steve Martin), and Mabel (Selena Gomez) don’t trust each other very much in the beginning as they occasionally accuse each other of lying or hiding facts in the investigation. 

However, seeing their relationship dynamic unfold throughout the episodes is really interesting. Despite being very different characters, they work well together, even when things go wrong.


The Trio

The youngest of the three, Mabel Mora is not only the show’s most intriguing character, but she is also its red thread. She is personally entangled in the case and adds an air of mystery to the two older gentlemen. With her dry sense of humor and all her secrets, she is hard to assess at first, however, once we are further along in the series, she becomes more vulnerable and complex. Although nothing can fleet her gaze and analytical observations, she always has a quick response and lots of ideas regarding everything.

Maybe her involvement and her urge for answers are so strong because she knew Tim (the man who was murdered in the building) personally and due to their past, her curiosity helps her to be extraordinarily meticulous and analytical when it comes to solving the mystery surrounding his death.

Charles is a methodical, humble, 70-year-old man who has trouble bonding with others and nurturing relationships. He is probably reluctant to try new things or meet new people due to anxiety. It seems he’s stuck in his ways a lot of the time. This is probably why his attempts to get close to Mabel are so intriguing and we are constantly rooting for him to open up and be bold. 

Compared to Charles, Oliver, the other “older man” in the trio, is a dreamer and a creative individual who strives to fulfill his desires and please others to the fullest extent possible.

He is chatty and lively, most of the time full of energy, and wholly driven and committed to solving the case.

Thus, he is quite the opposite character of Charles and Mabel, which is why he completes the trio and creates a great dynamic. 

Only Murders in the Building- A Review

credit: Only Murders in the Building

Why is the series THAt good?

The show balances the trio insightfully, separating them into pairs through the various episodes to dig deeper into their business and form their unique relationship.

The mode in which we, as the viewers, are discovering new material and information about the case is combined intricately with the plot, and we keep stumbling over new insights every episode that could have been foreguessed, Still, we didn’t pay enough attention due to the detailed approach.

Moreover, while the victim, Tim Kono’s story, is the center of the plot, the main characters’ stories are woven together in such a scintillating way that they also become mysteries that are supposed to be unraveled by the viewers. In season one, we viewers are desperate to resolve the mystery around Mabel and her life.

When we pay attention to the details, “Only Murders in the Building” is a mysterious, funny, calculating, intriguing, and utterly addictive series. Yet, despite being a show that demands your attention, it’s also a light comedy that amuses and distracts us charmingly and compellingly.

Only Murders in the Building- A Review

credit: Only Murders in the Building

Go and see for yourself!

Overall, it can also be said that critics have praised the series’ comedic approach to crime fiction as well as the performances and chemistry between the lead actors.

I did not expect to become full-on obsessed with a comedy crime series that places two old guys and a young woman center stage. 

Check it out on Hulu or Disney+!


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