A Pretty Little Liars Reboot is Happening with Some Riverdale Help

When Pretty Little Liars came out it was a hit without question, and over the course of several years, it was seen as something that people couldn’t get enough of. By the time it concluded in 2017 it appeared that a lot of people had either gone on their own way and decided that the show was worthwhile but not so monumental that it needed to be brought back, or were excited to see the spinoffs that would come not long after. Obviously, the spinoffs didn’t do much and the push to bring the show back wasn’t quite strong enough, until now. It’s not known for certain just where the reboot is going to end up, but HBO Max sounds like a possibility that might occur at this time, and fans are already starting to wonder just what the reboot is going to look like and if it will measure up to the original. As most fans likely remember, the original was about a group of friends that were being tormented by a mysterious individual described only as ‘A’, which is ominous enough to get the attention of many people. As the series continued to push onward though it was evident that while many fans continued to enjoy the show, some would taper off and find other programs to watch. That’s the unfortunate downside of any show, to be honest since unless it can stay as fresh as possible and keep pushing the boundaries, most shows are going to lose viewers for one reason or another.

Any show that deals with intrigue and drama in this manner is bound to be seen as one that will be highly valued by many people since drama is one of the elements of TV and movies that draws a lot of people in no matter how it turns out. Those that get tired to continual drama do manage to make their way forward without sticking around too long, but for many fans, Pretty Little Liars was a reason to keep watching for a number of reasons since when one thinks about it there are plenty of people that watched it out of genuine interest, while there were others that might have watched in anticipation of what might happen to a group of beautiful women just to see if they got their comeuppance or not. Like it or not, there are plenty of people out there that watch drama and conflict on the screen to make themselves feel a little better, whether they realize it’s all fiction or not. This is a very human trait that does happen fairly frequently since people tend to function better when they find a reason to believe that their lives are going in the right direction as opposed to a character on TV. It sounds petty, doesn’t it? But the fact is that whether a person roots for the characters in this show, there are plenty that were likely excited to see when the drama became so great that it was uncertain as to what would happen and if the ladies would be paying a price for one thing or another.

It does sound pretty silly to think that there are those that want to see a fictional character suffer in order to make themselves feel better, but it’s fairly common. It was no different with this show than any other since folks needing an ego boost or something to make them feel better tend to feel at least a little better when they see someone else fall, vindictive as that sounds. Pretty Little Liars of course was a story that might have had a lot of people rolling their eyes once they found out the whole trick behind ‘A’. To be fair it was a clever way to run the show, but it was also something that managed to make a lot of people feel that this show was pretty typical of a story that’s used to revolve around a group of teenagers that are supposedly popular, friendly, and have lives that aren’t perfect but are manageable. Let’s face it, we’ve seen many of these shows come and go over the years and there’s usually some similarity between them that simply annoys some folks and somehow grabs others and hold their attention for a while. The fact that this show is being rebooted isn’t that big of a deal to anyone but the fans that are likely going to be waiting for it to come out, but it’s easy to think that even the fans might be wondering why it’s coming back when the spinoffs didn’t do that well, and the show managed to come to a satisfying conclusion. The reason of course is that reboots are still a big thing for one reason or another, and Hollywood still thinks there’s enough to squeeze out of this story.

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