A New Matrix Movie With Michael B. Jordan?

Matrix 4

The 1999 science fiction action film ‘The Matrix‘ was an instant hit, grossing $463.5 million at the worldwide box office from a budget of $63 million. The film was written and directed by The Wachowskis, with Keanu Reeves in the lead role. It is about a dystopian future where humanity is trapped unknowingly inside a simulated reality. The Matrix was critically well received and won four Academy Awards. The success of the franchise continued when the second and third films were released. Both ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ were released in 2003.

Now, 20 years after the original, there are rumors of a fourth installment of the franchise being produced, says Movie Web. The rumor began when Chad Stahelski, the director of ‘John Wick 3′, said that both the Wachowski brothers were on board to create the next installment of The Matrix. However, a representative of the director backtracked on his behalf, saying that Stahelski was only speaking hypothetically. The mixed messages have left many fans of the franchise feeling confused but hopeful.

Despite the backtracking, there is possibly some truth to the rumors as some further information about a potential film has come to light. Movie industry gossip suggests that Zak Penn has already written a script, and this piece of information has previously made it into the news. Some new information is that the film is in active development and that there are plans to start shooting soon. This is not the only development that is in progress, as Warner Bros. has also had a ‘The Matrix’ project in development for several years, although it is believed that this will be a reboot of the original.

The information regarding the script and shooting is not the only news that has been leaked about the alleged new film. It is rumored that actor Michael B. Jordan is set to replace Keanu Reeves as the lead character. This is not the first time that he has been linked with The Matrix franchise. His name was first linked with a potential sequel in 2017, although The Wachowskis were not linked with the film at that time.

Since those initial rumors, things have changed because it is now believed that Lana Wachowski is considering returning to the franchise. This would give the franchise some consistency as it was the Wachowskis who was responsible for writing and directing the three original movies. When the first film was released back in 199, the studio did not have high hopes for the movie, but it exceeded all expectations. What the Wachowskis achieved was a completely new style of film that also changed the action movie genre.

Although Michael B. Jordan is tipped for the lead role, he is not the only actor who has expressed an interest. In fact, Keanu Reeves, the original lead, has also expressed an interest in making a comeback. His only stipulation was that he would only come back if the Wachowskis were also involved. Due to rumors of Lana Wachowski being linked to the film, there is little doubt that new rumors will soon begin to circulate regarding the potential return of Reeves.

While most of the rumors have said that only Lana Wachowski is returning to direct the film, there are others that say both Lana and Lily Wachowski are considering returning. According to IGN, Discussing Film has said that both women are returning and that Huge Bateup, the art director of the original movie, is also making a return. In the new film, he is said to take on the role of the production designer. It is unclear whether this new The Matrix project will become the fourth installment of the franchise or whether it is simply the reboot of the original that is already in development with Warner Bros. However, some sources have said that it is likely that the fourth Matrix movie will be a semi-continuation, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Michael B. Jordan has not spoken publicly about the rumors at all, either to confirm or deny them. Therefore, there is nothing official about his links with the film. In fact, he already has a very busy schedule planned for the next few years, so he may not even have time to get involved with another project. Jordan is starring as Bryan Stevenson in ‘Just Mercy’, which is set for release in January 2020. He is also producing this biopic. Jordan is also starring in a film called ‘Without Remorse’, which is set for September 2020. Other upcoming projects include roles in ‘Wrong Answer’, a remake of ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’, and ‘Journal for Jordan.

On the other hand, Keanu Reeves has a little more time on his hands to create a new film. He has been involved in several projects in the last few years that have not been completed. However, one that is ongoing is ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’, which he is currently filming and is set for release in 2020. He has also had leading and supporting roles in many successful films in the last two years. These have included ‘Siberia’, ‘Destination Wedding’, ‘Replicas’, ‘Always Be My Baby’, and ‘John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum’. Furthermore, he provided the voice for Duke Caboom in the 2019 film ‘Toy Story 4′.

The last film that The Wachowskis directed was ‘Jupiter Ascending’ in 2015. In 2015, they then directed season 1 of the series ‘Sens8′. When the series returned for season 2, Lily Wachowski was no longer involved in the project and the second season was the work of Lana Wachowski alone. IN fact, of the two Wachowskis, Lana is the one who has continued to work in recent years, while Lily seems to have taken a hiatus from working in the film industry. This is possibly the reason behind claims that only Lana Wachowski is returning to direct the fourth installment of The Matrix franchise.

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