A Live-Action Voltron Movie? Bring It On

A Live-Action Voltron Movie? Bring It On

A Live-Action Voltron Movie? Bring It On

Out of all the childhood favorites that have come and gone over the years, Voltron is one of those that has never really disappeared, so hearing that the idea is in the process of becoming a live-action movie is bound to excite a lot of fans both young and, well, a bit older. One has to remember that Voltron started up in 1984, almost four decades ago. What we’re bound to see might not be what everyone is thinking about, but it’s all a matter of whether or not the classic Voltron is going to be adhered to, or if the giant robot is going to be given a serious makeover when it comes to how it’s presented. It wouldn’t be the first time that an idea from the 80s or 90s was mangled in the name of entertainment, so the hope is that things won’t get too screwed up. But it’s the understanding that the movie will somehow, someway, manage to irk enough fans and purists of the idea that they’ll find it necessary to say something condemning this idea before it’s ever fully formed. 

At the moment there’s not a lot known about the movie other than it’s likely going to get a lot more attention once several more big details are revealed. What will also be interesting will be who is selected to be a part of the cast given that Voltron was adapted from another idea that originated in Japan. Whether that will be a factor in this movie or not is hard to say, but these days one never knows what could be brought up in terms of where an idea came from and why it should feature actors from a certain background. Considering that Voltron is a space-based adventure story though it should be taken into note that it could be a diverse cast that would be piloting the titular robot, which would make a lot of sense in the current era. 

Not having much to go on at the moment makes it kind of tough to talk about it, other than to wonder what kind of details are going to be added into the movie and which ones are going to be omitted. Voltron hasn’t been forgotten and to be honest the story has been kept around as a fan favorite for a long time. But the demands of the fans to finally turn this into a movie have been an on and off type of thing as the hope that this would happen earlier didn’t bear fruit. It’s fair to say that despite being a TV sensation, Voltron has been languishing in development hell when it comes to the movies, as a lot of ideas that have come from the last few decades have been looked at and either picked up or nearly forgotten. Out of the lot of them, Voltron is one of those that should have been given this treatment sooner rather than later, but that’s neither here nor there. Trying to jot down all the thoughts that might come to mind when thinking of Voltron as a live-action movie isn’t too hard, it’s wondering if it’s going to come off as a great idea or another CGI nightmare.

That is perhaps one of the biggest concerns that come up when a lot of movies that rely on CGI are mentioned since the truth is that over the years, CG has become a far more reliable element in the movies. But there are still moments when the special effects within many movies fall below par. It might sound a bit odd but it doesn’t feel as though Voltron’s appearance on the big screen would be well-served by lackluster effects. Unfortunately, that raises the bar to a level that might not be as easy to attain, which in turn means that the movie couldn’t possibly be as impressive as people want it to be. This is one of the biggest problems that come with an idea like this since the expectations of those that have an emotional investment in the story are not likely to be met since people are going to be wanting way too much and won’t want to compromise. 

Voltron is one of the most appreciated stories that’s survived the 80s and 90s and is still remembered today, and to hear that this idea is finally going to be pushed toward the big screen, for real this time, is fun to think about. Trying to figure out which story might be best when it comes to introducing this icon might be kind of tough, and there’s always the possibility of an origin story, but what’s going to happen is anyone’s guess at this point. Whatever comes down the pipeline is going to be interesting all the same, since it’s Voltron. It’s kind of hard not to nerd out about this. 

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