A Closer Look into Sir Ian McKellen’s Very Private Life

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Sir Ian McKellen is a man who has no problem sharing his roles with the world. He’s famous for portraying characters such as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings movies as well as King Richard III, to name a few. He’s a man with a plan, and his plan is to take on roles he enjoys in a career he loves, but he’s not interested in focusing on anything other than what works for him. Sir Ian McKellen’s life has given him opportunities most of us never imagine, but he never takes on a role that does not work for him. He’s particular, and it works. He’s been awarded a Tony, a Golden Globe, and seven Laurence Oliviers. He’s doing well, but his private life is not something he leaves up for discussion, which is why we have all the information you did not know you needed.

Sir Ian McKellen’s Only Had Two Public Relationships in His 80+ Years

During his reign as one of the most talented actors in the world, he’s kept his private life to himself. His only two public relationships ended years before most of us were even born. His first relationship was with a man by the name of Brian Taylor. Taylor worked as a teacher of history, and they began dating in 1964. Their relationship only lasted around eight years, though. They parted ways in the early 70s.

His second public relationship was with an actor by the name of Sean Mathias. They met in 1978, and they were together until 1988. Their relationship did not work because both were actors, but only McKellen saw any movement in his fame and career. However, the two remain friends and even go into business together.

Since the end of his relationship in 1988, Sir Ian McKellen hasn’t had another public relationship. If he’s dating someone now or has in the past 35 years, we certainly are not aware of it. It’s impressive that he has managed to maintain that level of fame and privacy in his life.

Credit: @ianmckellen

He Shares a Matching Tattoo With Other Actors

We don’t know when he got the tattoo, but we do know he has the Elvish number 9 on his body. It’s located on his shoulder, and it refers to J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings work that he did. In fact, he is not the only actor who has this tattoo on his body. He shares it with eight other actors who were part of the original nine from the Fellowship of the Rings. The only thing worth noting about the tattoo is that one actor did not get it. This leaves nine who did, but the one who did not get it might not count too much because his stunt double did get the tattoo. Technically, the stunt double counts as portraying one of the nine.

Sir Ian McKellen is Ordained

It seems that you can become an ordained minister if you want to marry a friend. Sir Ian McKellen did this back in the year 2013. He became ordained at the Universal Life Church. He did this so he could help a friend wed. Sir Patrick Stewart starred in X-Men with McKellen and wanted to marry Sunny Ozell. McKellen was the man who married them, and it’s a cool thing to get to say you did.

Sir Ian McKellen is an Pescatarian

What’s interesting about this choice is that he didn’t quite make it himself. He simply lost his taste for all meat, but he still enjoys the taste of fish. This happened to him in the 80s, and it’s been a situation he’s lived with since. He had no intention of living his life as a pescatarian, but it worked out well for him. He’s not developed a taste for red meat since, and that’s interesting to all of us.

Credit: @ianmckellen

He Shared His Cancer Diagnosis in 2012

Though Sir Ian McKellen is not public about many things in his life, one thing he did open up to the public about was his cancer diagnosis. He shared in 2012 that he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer but that his cancer was not a problem for him. He did not go into great detail other than to say his cancer was ‘contained’ and that he needed no treatment. We aren’t certain what this means, but he’s alive and well, so whatever he is doing clearly works for him. We don’t know the status of his diagnosis now, but it seems he’s living well and happily, and that clearly indicates he is healthy.

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