A Captain America 4 is Officially a Go with Anthony Mackie

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Anthony Mackie will in fact be the next Captain America since the show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier went off without a hitch really and became yet another enticing look into another change that will be helping to shape the MCU in the years to come. With the way the show ended it’s fair to state that there will be a couple of enemies out there at least for the new Captain America to fight, and it might even be that US Agent, aka John Walker, and perhaps even the new Black Widow will be making an appearance, if that’s in the cards. What’s not really certain is whether this Captain America will be leading the new Avengers in the movies to come or if he’s going to stay on his own, or perhaps even start up another group of Avengers as it happened in the comics. One has to remember that the Avengers had a few different factions in the comic books and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same thing happen in the MCU.

Right now there’s no word on if Sebastian Stan will be headed back into the fray as Bucky Barnes, but it’s apparent that the Winter Soldier is being put behind him, while Sharon Carter might become a bigger threat than anyone was ready to admit to. It’s interesting to think how much more will be added to the fallout of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier since the show did end up being adored by a lot of fans but also called out for its need to virtue signal its way through the finale. Hopefully this next movie will tone down that idea just a bit so as to keep the overall feeling of the movie something that can teach a good life lesson but not browbeat the audience with it as the show kind of did in the finale.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching lessons during a movie so long as one remembers that people come to be entertained and possibly inspired in a very profound way. Audience members don’t generally come to the movie theater to be given a huge helping of real life, especially since going to the movies is a way to escape real life for a couple of hours. Anthony Mackie is a great actor and this is definitely his time, and it’s a big hope that he’ll be given the kind of fight that he can take on with minimal help since it will be great to see what he can do and what his character will be capable of as the MCU moves forward and continues to change. As Captain America, he’s one of the top shelf heroes that a lot of fans will be expecting to see often and in some of the most important situations since in the comics, Cap has been there for quite a few big events and has always been right in the middle of them or at least in a position that allows him to become an important player.

Be that as it may, and as important as this movie is, it almost feels as though Captain America is being held up as an icon of yesterday as the heroes of today are coming up and being highlighted so that they can lead the MCU at this point. That could be taking things out of context, but it almost feels as though Cap isn’t the big deal that he was initially. It could also be that losing one Captain America and having to acclimate to another, very different Cap, is a transition that’s going to take time for some folks. There are a lot of changes happening in the MCU after all as things continue to move forward, and there are a lot of new names coming in that a lot of fans are excited to see. Anthony Mackie taking control of this character is going to be different, and it will be a Captain America that is a little weaker when it comes to his hand to hand skills but who will also be a great tactician and have a lot more mobility than the original Cap, though we’ll see how that trade-off works when the movie comes around finally.

It would be nice to see Sebastian Stan come back and be a part of this movie and it would be great to see other characters show up as well since it’s a great desire to see more faces brought into the MCU from the Marvel universe. But seeing as how this movie won’t be out for a while, we’ll be able to talk about it a lot more in the days to come as the details begin to pile up and the movie begins to take shape.

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