A Bourne 6 Confirmed To Be in the Works

A Bourne 6 Confirmed To Be in the Works

You’ve got to wonder if this series of movies is ever going to run its course finally and be over and done with, but as Ryan Scott of MovieWeb writes it would seem that such a moment isn’t soon to come since not only is there a sixth movie coming out, but there’s a TV series titled Treadstone that’s coming as well. Jason Bourne has been a pleasing mainstay on the big screen for a while now, but some people might tend to agree that he’s kind of wearing out a bit, though there’s a question as to whether Matt Damon’s iconic character will even show up or take center stage for this coming movie. That’s kind of odd isn’t it? The whole series has been built around him, so it’s kind of odd to think that a movie would go forward without him, though this was attempted when Jeremy Renner took over in The Bourne Legacy, which didn’t really do as great as people were hoping it would despite making a profit. It’d be kind of interesting to see Damon and Renner on screen together since it seems as though two of the top operatives being seen to go after the same objective would be more than a little interesting.

It’s not likely that this would happen however since there’s not a lot of hope that Renner’s character will be seen on screen again. As far as being a part of the Bourne series it doesn’t seem as though people responded as well to Renner, though he did play another tragic but very skilled character. Brent Lang of Variety made it pretty clear that without Damon in the driver’s seat it just wasn’t the same. If Damon doesn’t show up though people are likely going to be a little confused since he’s been the main character for a while now and trying to go on without him seems like it shouldn’t be allowed. There are a few other characters still around in the movie but at this point it seems kind of late in the game to start replacing people and toying around with an idea that has been working in the same manner for so many movies. There hasn’t been a lot of information released on the movie as of yet since it seems to still be in the idea phase, but simply thinking about what might come is kind of hard to conceptualize given that the last movie left things a bit open as is the habit of the Bourne movies.

Thinking that he would come back to the CIA is kind of hard to fathom since he’s well aware that if he becomes a liability or even hints at the idea that he might be anything but reliable they’ll kill him, or try to. But on the other hand if he continues to work with them from afar it could be that he might be a useful asset that isn’t beholden to them but at the very least isn’t working actively against them. There are a few viable possibilities that might be used to bring the famous spy back to the big screen, but as of yet we’re not going to be able to convey any of them since the studio is being tight-lipped about it and won’t even give that much of a hint as to what might be coming. That’s probably wise since the moment it does you can bet that every site is going to be broadcasting it long and loud and the rumor mill, which never ceases, will begin churning out thoughts and ideas about the movie in a big way. But it still seems as though this is an idea that finally needs to rest for a good long while since it’s the kind of series that is extremely popular but can eventually get used up.

Seriously, how much of the Bourne saga does the average person remember? Scott Mendelson of Forbes made an argument that it might need to cap itself eventually. It’s not that it’s a bad series, not at all, but a lot of it seems to be the same old thing again and again as he’s trying to recover his memory and seems to get something back only to meet with another obstacle that needs to be taken out of his path. That idea can only work for so long before it finally gets old and people start to wonder just when he’s going to finally regain his full memory. In the last movie he finally got to understand what was so important about his recruitment and why he was such a special case. But it’s obvious that he’s still a threat and seen as such, so the story can go on and on if it has to since Bourne was trained to be a ghost, and as a result can slip through almost any trap that’s been crafted in order to stay on the run. What a sixth movie is going to tell us doesn’t seem like it’d be as connected as before, but it could hopefully turn up the heat just a bit.

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