Movie Review: End of the Road

One of the movies to watch out for in September is Netflix’s End of the Road. It’s one of those movies that fits right into the road trip thriller genre. If you’re a fan of Queen Latifah’s movies, this is one to check. Since its release, there have been different reviews on the highs and lows of the movie.

Who stars in the movie?

Queen Latifah is back from playing the wife in Hustle and features in the movie as an Executive Producer and in the lead role of Brenda. Ludacris plays the role of Reggie, Brenda’s little brother. Brenda’s two kids are played by Mychala Lee (Kelly) and Shaun Dixon (Cam). Beau Bridges plays Detective Hammers alongside Frances Lee McCain, who plays the role of Detective Hammers’ wife, Val.

What’s the movie about?

End of the Road

credit: Netflix

Brenda Freemans is a nurse and a widow who recently lost her husband. The mother of two finds life has become harder to live in LA. So she decides it’s best to move the entire family to live with her mother in Houston. Her younger brother Reggie, Ludacris, tags along on the trip. The entire movie sees the family trying to make a cross-country journey from LA to Houston, Texas.

What was supposed to be a long ride for family bonding takes several twists and turns into a nightmare. It begins with an unnecessary confrontation with two white supremacist drivers. To cool off from the unexpected turn of events, the family decides to make a stopover at a motel. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse as they witness a murder in the room next to theirs.

As a trained nurse, Brenda goes outside to see if she can lend a hand to the victim. Unfortunately, the direct and indirect actions of the family will put them in harm’s way as the killer is determined to find them. The killer is not only looking to collect what was stolen, but he wants to ensure he can never be identified.

Nothing indeed compares to a mother’s love

End of the Road

credit: Netflix

We’ve seen it time and again the lengths mothers go through to protect their children. Brenda sees herself going from dealing with kids who resent her for wanting to leave a city they call home to fighting to save their lives. Additionally, we see Brenda break out of her shell to become a fighting machine.

Then there’s a killer whose name precedes him

End of the Road

credit: Netflix

Everyone knows you don’t mess with a drug lord, especially one who is tied to an infamous drug cartel. For reasons best known to Reggie, he decides it’s a smart move to take money hidden away in a room where someone has just been murdered. The money belongs to a sure Mr. Cross, who is said to have ties to the Sinaloa cartel.

Throughout the movie, whenever the name Mr. Cross is mentioned, it chills down everyone’s spine. One of the suspense in the movie is waiting to see who this Mr. Cross is. Who can blame us? Everyone avoids him for a reason, except for detective Hammers.

The Freemans sure do have their fair share of bad luck

End of the Road

credit: Netflix

While it’s common to have bad events occur almost simultaneously, the Freemans sure know how to invite them in. Looking at all of the supposed nightmares the family faced in their cross-country journey, most of them, if not all, were brought about by their actions.

Like most teenagers, getting hit on by weird-looking strangers is outright annoying. However, giving the finger to white supremacists was Kelly taking things too far. If that wasn’t enough, Uncle Reggie decides it’s best to steal money from a crime scene to save the family’s financial problems.

For some reason, Brenda thought it was wise to keep a drug lord’s money in an empty motel room for him to pick up. For a drug lord who has your phone number and knows you by name, Brenda didn’t react as frightened as anyone would.

The End of the Road movie is a must-watch this September, as it leaves you with lots of mixed reactions.

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