90210 2.12 “Winter Wonderland” Recap

90210Did the last 90210 for 2009 deliver? Frak yea it did!!!! Oh and if anyone wants to start a We Hate Jasper fan club, please feel free to hit me up?!?!? OK? Onto the recap!!!

The Set Up

The school is abuzz with the Winter Wonderland dance being around the corner to the point where ballerinas dressed in white are passing out notices in the shape of snowflakes. But Annie’s over the whole dance thing and tells Jasper that her love for dress up is a thing of the past. But deep down, you can see she still wants to go. Later, Naomi catches up with Annie and gives a heartfelt apology to her. But when Naomi mentions thinking about what she put Annie through, Annie finishes the sentence for Naomi with one word: “Hell”. Seems like Annie is not ready to reconcile just yet.

Navid wants justice and needs concrete evidence to send Jasper up the river. He enlists Lila (guest star Rumor Willis) to find something to help in his tirade crusade.

Teddy steps up to the plate and goes to bat for the affections of Silver, who is preoccupied with getting sponsors for Ford’s Warriors in Pink charity for breast cancer. He asks her out and Silver shoots him down, thinking that Teddy wants to take her to the dance, but leave with someone else. She leaves him with a form for sponsorship and a broken ego.

Ivy makes it known that she thinks dances are stupid, but says that she, Liam, and Teddy should go just to see what the fuss is about. Sure, Ivy. Sure. Liam spots Naomi and goes to talk to her, but doesn’t expect the smackdown she gives him. Naomi lets Liam know that at first she was thankful of him for revealing Jen’s true face, but she asks the question that has been on every fan since the start of the season: why did he wait so long to tell her? Despite her icy demeanor for the past few months, Liam had plenty of opportunities to tell Naomi the truth. He argues that he thought Naomi would believe Jen over him, but Naomi simply tells Liam that she doesn’t get it and walks off. I don’t get it either, Liam.

Preparations Are Key

Naomi runs into the bathroom with Silver hot on her heels. Naomi asks Silver when will she ever get over Liam. Silver suggests that Naomi to come clean to Liam about her feelings, but Naomi doesn’t want to be with a liar and since she saw Liam kissing Ivy, why bother? The two girls leave, but doesn’t see that Ivy was in a stall and heard everything.

Teddy asks Liam if he will ask Ivy to the dance, but then the convo turns to Teddy, who reveals that he asked Silver to the dance (which90210 bothers Dixon a bit) and got shot down. Navid gives Teddy some advice on being honest and showing Silver his heart to win her over.

In the cafeteria, Adrianna is still getting the cold shoulder from Silver and Naomi. Meanwhile, Liam slick asks Ivy to the dance, but she plays it off, despite her inner girl screaming with joy. This is not going to end well…

Navid confronts Jasper about the push and vows to take the creep down. GOD, Jasper is an inbred of every damn annoying teen soap villain known to man, with a bit of Dennis Hopper thrown in. Creeptastic! But anyway, Navid goes to Adrianna for help to bring down Jasper , but she says that if she comes forward then they will toss her out of school for breaking her probation. Navid is not happy about Adrianna’s decision, but respects it.

Debbie comes out of nowhere and takes Dixon putt putt golfing. I think I would have rather been in class, but that’s me. She tries to get Dixon to open up and drop his anger towards her. When he finally does, Debbie tells Dixon that she was hurt about him disclaiming her as his mother. Dixon admits that he didn’t mean it and then the two start talking about when Dixon first came to stay with them. In the end Dixon tells Debbie that he knows that she is his mother and that’s all that matters. Debbie is one happy Mom and I am glad the Wilsons are a unit again.

Liam pulls Annie to the side to apologize to her about the crap he caused, but Jasper shows up like shadow, wanting to know what’s going on. Liam leaves and Annie vents that the reason that she and her friends are fighting is because of Jen’s vindictive ass and that she can’t imagine someone being so evil. Annie, you’re sleeping to Jen’s equivalent. But Jasper doesn’t like to hear that Annie has free will and reminds her of all the bad things the cool kids did to her. Annie still says she kind of misses it all and then Jasper asks her to the dance and Annie is immediately sucked back into his control. SMDH…

Silver is shocked and surprised to see that Teddy has asked her out in front of everyone via the school’s video feed and in person. She tells Teddy to back off and walks away leaving the kid looking even more stupid than he has before. Kinda feel for the guy.

The Dance of Tears

90210Ryan Matthews apologizes to Liam for being a dumbass and Liam says no worries and that he is glad they got rid of her. When Liam leaves, it is apparent that Ryan doesn’t share the sentiment.

Adrianna is shocked to see that Annie is dating Jasper and he gives Adrianna the most creepy ass face to shut her up. Liam, Ivy, Dixon, Navid, and Teddy all stand around like complete losers watching everyone dance. Teddy leans in and asks Dixon if he doesn’t think that Silver looks hot tonight (and God she does, hey Jessica Stroup is of legal age. Shut it.). Dixon agrees and is dismayed to see Teddy go and ask Silver for a ‘friendly’ dance. Meanwhile, Jasper asks Annie if she wants to dance, and she acts like she doesn’t but she comes clean and the two enter the dance floor.

While dancing, it starts snowing and everyone is amazed. Liam and Ivy leave a photo booth and Liam locks eyes with Naomi, who is visibly hurt. Ivy notices and she is equally hurt. While the snow is falling, Teddy leans in and steals a kiss. Silver is miffed, but Teddy says that if she didn’t feel anything then he will stop trying. Silver runs off, upset. She sits down with Naomi and claims that she actually did felt something, but it shouldn’t matter. Naomi says that it does and that Silver needs to stop tripping.

So when Silver goes to talk to Teddy, she sees a beautiful blonde run up and hug Teddy, who is equally happy to see her. Silver sulks off. But it turns out that the girl is actually Teddy’s sister, Savannah, who has come home to see who has broken his heart. Dixon, who was talking to Teddy, looks even more uncomfortable.

As Annie and Jasper dance, Navid watches intently as if he dated Annie or something. Naomi walks up and Navid tells her about Jasper. Naomi immediately feels bad, because she pretty much pushed Annie in Jasper’s arms by socially ostracizing her. She tells Navid that they need to have a good ole fashioned intervention for Annie!

Adrianna holds a bottle of vodka that she found and Ryan Matthews politely takes it from her saying he confiscated it from a student earlier. Adrianna takes off and Ryan Matthews pours himself a glass of the vodka, which is clearly his, and downs it.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Ivy, who has had it by now with Liam and Naomi, asks Liam if he really still has feelings for Naomi. He admits it and Ivy asks90210 Liam to stop toying her around and go tell Naomi how he feels. The two then sit there in awkward silence.

Jasper goes to get Annie and himself a drink and this is when Dixon pulls Annie into the scene we have all been waiting for. Navid, Naomi, Silver, and Dixon try to explain to Annie that Jasper is bad news and that she is in a bad romance so screwed up that Lady Gaga herself might would want to advise Annie to give it up. Annie, of course, doesn’t buy it because Jasper’s venom is so deep in her veins. It takes Adrianna, who over heard the intervention, to come clean and say that Jasper is not Prince Charming and that she is willing to testify to prove it. Annie’s mind is blown and she declares that needs some time to herself.

The “What The F*ck!!!” Cliffhanger Moments of the Night/Year

Naomi and Silver are proud of Adrianna and realize that their friend needs them. They promise to get back with her once they come back from their trip to Saint Tropez. Adrianna gladly sends them off with luck. Navid then calls her to the side to say that he just wanted her to convince Annie that Jasper was a creep and can’t afford for her to get kicked out of school. He says that he still cares about her despite all the crap they went through. Seems like Adrianna’s Christmas came early!

Dixon spots Silver waiting for a cab, looking kind of sad. He wants to know what’s wrong and she tells him about Teddy and how he will never cease with his player type ways. Dixon agrees wholeheartedly. Silver then says that she was going to give Teddy a chance tonight, but saw the blonde (Savannah) show up, who Dixon doesn’t reveal is Teddy’s sister. Instead, he goes in for the kiss and surprises Silver. She tells him that they MUST talk when she comes back from her trip with Naomi. From the side, Teddy watches with his sister and after seeing enough, the two leave.

Dixon returns home and he and Debbie have a small heart to heart. Then Dixon reveals that he wants to see his birth mother. Debbie is floored.

Naomi arrives at Liam’s after getting a text from Ivy saying that Naomi needed to see Liam immediately. She asks what is under the tarp and he changes the subject. Naomi reveals that Ivy sent her the text and they start to talk about their relationship. Naomi vents that she is tired of Liam’s secrets and not being able to open up, even about what’s under the tarp. Liam then reveals the damn thing under the tarp.

It’s a half-finished boat. Um, yeah.

Liam reveals that he learned from camp to use his frustrations to build and that’s what he’s been doing and that he and his father sailed before he went away. He then explains how everything went down during the party and how Jen manipulated him at every turn. Naomi finally ‘gets it’ and it’s enough for the two of them to make up by making out. But Ivy is still at the dance crying as she looks at the photo she and Liam took at the photo booth earlier that night. Hmmm. She could be trouble.

The final scene of 90210 for 2009 features Annie confronting Jasper about what she heard. He denies it at first, but he comes clean when Annie demands the truth. She also gets him to stop lying about not pushing over Navid. He tells Annie that he is sorry and Annie says she is sick of all the lies and demands for them to stop. Jasper said that he made mistakes and she made some, too. When Annie asks what the hell does that mean, Jasper declares that while he “accidently” pushed Navid down the stairs, Annie accidently ran over his uncle.

SHUT. UP!!!!!!

The West Beverly Blaze

– So Jasper has been up on Annie all along. Or does he really know what went down and is just bluffing? Who cares?! Kill him already?!?!

– Glad to see that the Wilson family is back in sync with each other. Now let’s hope Harry doesn’t come back with a secret affair with Kelly Taylor to screw that up.

– Dixon vs. Teddy is going to be awesome! Now can we have Trevor Donovan added to the cast? I think the man has earned his stripes. Please and thank you.

– Ivy. I think she is about to become one poisonous thing.

– Ryan Matthews as a drunk?! Thank you!

– Liam has been hiding a boat? Just a boat? Moving on.

– Really dug the scene with the entire gang together for the first time all year. This could have been a season finale episode the way it played out. Now more of that in 2010?

OK, fellow West Bev students! That’s it for this year! Have a safe break, remember to write and we shall all convene back here for an even more intense spring semester. Adios! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! And Happy New Year!!!!!

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