9 Important Events On BMF Season 1 Episode 3

9 Important Events On BMF Season 1 Episode 3

BMF Season 1, Episode 3, “Love All Trust Few,” was eventful. As the name of the episode implies, the Flenory brothers are learning that sometimes, the people closest to you and the ones that you love can’t always be trusted. On this episode, Terry is fresh out of the hospital and ready to get right back to work. But it’s not that simple. The cops want answers and so do their parents. In case you missed the show here are the 9 noteworthy events:

1. Terry gets questioned by the detectives

The detective are determined to find out who shot Terry and why. When he comes home from the hospital Detective Lopez and Detective Bryant questions him. They want to if Terry owns the benz he was shot in because, according to Detective Lopez the only teens that drive Benzes are in the drug business. Charles also wants to know what Terry was doing in a Benz but Wanda Terry’s girlfriend lies to the cops and tells them that it was her uncle’s car. You can tell that Charles doesn’t buy the lie because he casually questions Wanda about it later on in the episode. He’s becoming suspicious about Terry’s activities and whether he’s involved in Meech’s drug business.

2. Pat wants his money

Meech has been so caught up on getting revenge for Terry that he hasn’t been as focused on business. This is a problem since business has been slow, and they owe Pat a lot of money. Pat let’s Meech know that he wants his money in five days or blood will spill. Pat has been Meech and Terry’s mentor since they were kids which is why this energy is shocking to Meech. Pat knows the likelihood of the boys climbing out the mess they have made is slim to none. But that’s how he wants it because he wants to keep them right under him. Pat doesn’t want Meech and Terry to get to big.

3. Lamar starts leading the 12th Street Boyz

Now that Jame-mo has gone missing and Filmel is in the hospital after being severely beaten by Lamar, there is no one to lead the 12th Street Boyz. Lamar eagerly steps up and offers a plan that’s guaranteed to make their pockets fat. Once they get their money up Lamar plans to take them over just as he had planned from the start. Lamar pays Filmel a visit at the hospital and terrorists him. He makes him promise to.leave the city once he is discharged from the hospital.

4. The Narcotics Task Force Is In Town

Detective Bryant finds out that there is a multidistrict narcotics task force that is reviewing their cases at the same time he learn a that Jame-mo’d mother has filed a missing persons report. The pressure is on because now he has to try and keep his hands as clean as possible while protecting Meech and Terry since he’s on their payroll. This particular drug task force is in town to take down big drug lords.

5. Meech pays the mortgage in full

Lucille finds out that Meech went down to the bank and paid the past due balance on their mortgage. You would think that she would be relieved but she knows that Charles will be furious because his pride is too high to accept help from anyone and be doesn’t want anything to do with Meech’s dirty money.

6. Stone Burgers

Meech comes up with a new way to capitalize on the industry workers. He pays the strippers to.find out which ones get high and he pays off the food truck guy so they can start slinging off his truck during the lunchtime rush at the factory. Stone burger is the code word for coke and they so much of it that they are able to pay Pat back asap.

7. Pat gets high

One of the main cardinal rules in the drug game is to “never get high on your own supply”. When Meech goes to pay Pat back his money he finds him smoking his own product. This is a big shock to Meech and it changes the way he looks at his mentor.

8. Kato gets approached Lamar

At the club, Kato gets approached by Lamar. Although she is surprised it seems like she’s had dealings with him before. Kato tells Lamar that she doesn’t know much about the BMF operation because they are just starting to trust her. He asks about her their stash house. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see whether she betrays them.

9. Terry identifies his shooter

When Terry sees Lamar in the club he realizes that Lamar may have been the one who shot him. He is ready to confront him but Meech stops him. He knows that Lamar is nuts and that if they are going to retaliate it has to be done the right way.

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