This Office Fan Theory Says That Dwight Schrute is a Criminal

This Office Fan Theory Says That Dwight Schrute is a Criminal

This Office Fan Theory Says That Dwight Schrute is a Criminal

It kind of depends on who’s asking who about which character on The Office could have easily been a criminal since there are some that are kind of obvious and there are those that no one would suspect in a million years for one reason or another. But one fan among many, well, probably one of THE many to think that Dwight could be a criminal has a theory that is kind of nuts but makes sense to some folks. Dwight Schrute isn’t a well-liked individual on the show but somehow people have stuck up for him over the years for various reasons. It might be easier to like the guy if he wasn’t so incredibly arrogant without any good and solid reason for being so, but one has to admit that Rainn Wilson did a great job making people hate the character for so long. But the theory dates back to the episode in which Michael and Dwight were attempting to get Toby fired, and Dwight actually planned a heist that would boost a pricey chandelier from Tiffany’s Jewelers. There are a lot of people that might claim that this is kind of ridiculous since Dwight isn’t the mastermind that he thinks himself to be, but this fan happens to think that Dwight not only lifted the chandelier but hid it in Berlin as well, which is going a bit off the trail, to say the least. But then when Dwight installs a door that he claims came from a jewelry store that went out of business, it’s likely that people started to put two and three together to try and get six. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, that’s the point.

Thinking of Dwight as anything but a giant annoyance is kind of tough since it requires thinking about him at all which is, jokingly, not hard to do. Dwight is that guy in the workplace that thinks he knows everything, is decent at his job, and even shows signs of greatness now and then, but has to rub it in everyone’s face when he is recognized for his skills. In other words, he’s the guy that very few people like because he doesn’t know how to relate to anyone and expects people to fall in line with how he thinks that things should be. He does have a lot of knowledge to draw from and he isn’t a stupid individual, but socially he’s about as sharp as a block of cheese since he can’t appear to figure out that if he managed to be a bit nicer to people then he might be accepted by more individuals. Think of it this way, there’s a reason why no one bats an eye when Jim continually pranks Dwight throughout the show and why some of them are even in on it at various times. They don’t like Dwight, they either tolerate or like Jim, and if anyone is thinking this is all make-believe then they might not have worked in an office environment or as part of a team, since this kind of thing can and does happen quite often.

Believing that Dwight could pull off such a heist though is kind of hard to buy into simply because the guy doesn’t really exhibit the kind of skills that would be necessary for such an act. Some might want to argue that Dwight has been seen to be rather clever during the course of the show, but they would also need to be aware that a lot of people tend to ignore Dwight and even go out of their way to avoid him, which means that he’s not exactly skillful when he’s doing the many things we’ve seen him accomplish, he’s simply being left alone since no one wants to deal with him. That’s not really what would happen when it comes to a heist that takes place in a jewelry store, since the police aren’t bound to ignore someone that has plans to steal something as big as the chandelier or try something as risky as even breaking into a store. In other words, Dwight could possibly be a criminal, but he would be one of the most inept criminals ever since the guy can’t help but maintain his arrogant streak and would be undone by it, as has happened before. Out of all the characters in The Office, Dwight is the guy that some might want to say needs a little more understanding, but many would agree is the kind of character that people are usually trying to avoid simply because he has one of the biggest mouths and an arrogant streak a mile long and two miles wide.

Dwight is definitely someone that’s hard to take and harder to like, but trying to see him as a criminal is kind of funny really.

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