5 Villains That Man of Steel 2 Should Consider

5 Villains That Man of Steel 2 Should Consider


Batman v Superman: Will Lex Luthor Wear His Warsuit?

credit: DC Comics

With the announcement that Man of Steel 2 is going to be headed to theaters eventually, it’s not tough to think that many people are wondering who will be stepping up as the main villain of the second movie since, if there’s one thing that’s a given, it’s that Superman needs an enemy that will be able to match him in one way or another.

Creating a hero that’s capable of taking down nearly every enemy he comes up against with ease is all well and good, but over the years, it’s been established that such a character kind of needs a challenge now and then. Otherwise, it’s very obvious that he’ll become little more than a figurehead without a real purpose.

There have been plenty of people that have decided to criticize the man of steel over the years (I’ve been one of them) and the reason has usually been that no matter what challenge Superman is put up against, he’s fully capable of finding a way to win, even if he has to come back from the dead. But one big hope for Man of  Steel is that whoever is the big bad, Superman won’t be able to just walk through them as he did to Steppenwolf in the Justice League movie. 

Here are a few villains that would be interesting to see in Man of Steel 2. 

5. Darkseid

Who Is Darkseid?

credit: Justice League

The fans did get to see the lord of Apokolips in the Synderverse version of the Justice League, but unfortunately, he wasn’t shown to do much save in a flashback, and even then it’s fair to say that he didn’t get a big chance to display his power. This character has been a part of DC comics for decades now, and it’s easy to think that he would be a great villain to bring out in force since it would already appear that he has his sights set on earth.  One of the only issues is that he might be better suited to appearing in another movie that features the Justice League, though it’s tough to say if this is going to happen anytime soon. 

4. Metallo

The Vindicative Vordan — Metallo

credit: DC

There are plenty of Superman villains that have come and gone over the years, and several haven’t caught the attention of the fans in the same way that others have. Metallo is a name that a lot of DC fans likely know since he’s been able to tangle with Superman in the past, but it might feel that he’d be kind of a ridiculous enemy to put on the big screen. That thought alone is enough reason to add him in, especially since ridiculous villains are kind of the order of the day. Plus, the effects that might be used in the creation of this character would no doubt be capable of impressing a lot of fans if they were done correctly. 

3. Livewire

Livewire Dc Comics Wiki Thereaderwiki - Mobile Legends

credit: DC Comics

It does feel as though this character would need a solid backstory and even a few changes and alterations to really come to life on the big screen since, like it or not, she’s another individual that a lot of people don’t know a lot about. One fact about Superman and his villains that need to be addressed is that kind of like several other big-name heroes, he has a long list of enemies that have come to hate him over the years. But Livewire could be kind of an intriguing character if she can really put the man of steel on his heels a bit. Plus, it might be fun to see what could be done with this character, at least to a point. 

2. Lex Luthor

Superman: 5 Best Versions of Lex Luthor (& the 5 Worst)

credit: DC Comics

A lot of people are bound to state that the Lex Luthor vs. Superman idea has been played out over and over and might need to be retired at this point. But the interesting thing is that due to the evolution of their rivalry and of Luthor in general, it’s easy to think that if given leave to do so, a director could easily bring Luthor back into the fold and continue to build him as a legitimate threat to the Kryptonian.

There aren’t a lot of characters out there that have been capable of matching Superman when i9t comes to willpower, and the fact that Luthor is a human who has, on occasion, taken Superman to the limit is enough to make one feel that this rivalry isn’t done quite yet. 

1. Brainiac

10 Things Fans Forgot About Brainiac

credit: DC Comics

This character appears to be the one that Zack Snyder has in mind for the next movie, but given that he’s had his origin messed with just as much as any other character over the years, it’s interesting to think of how he might be presented. Brainiac has been proven to be quite dangerous thanks to his many different capabilities, but it almost feels as though a movie version of him might be kind of difficult to anticipate. 

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