Five TV Shows We Wish Were Turned Into Movies

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After hearing the news about former TV show Veronica Mars being turned into a movie, it got me thinking about some other cancelled shows that execs should consider bring back to put on the big screen. Admittedly, I never watched the crime drama that lasted three seasons–and, for that reason, probably won’t be going to see the flick–but that doesn’t mean that I can’t envision other shows that would be perfect for making the leap to the theater. That’s why I think it’s time for Hollywood to consider these TV shows next.

5. Freaks and Geeks

Let’s face it, when Freaks and Geeks first came on-air back in 2000, Judd Apatow was no more than just another hopeful, unknown writer and producer. That’s all changed these days, as Apatow has established himself as the premier funny guy in Hollywood thanks to films like Superbad, Bridesmaids and Knocked Up, literally creating the careers of comedians like Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. This show could bring back plenty of big names to the big screen, so why not let the awkwardness come back for audiences to enjoy?

4. Deadwood

HBO promised fans of the show a film send-off, but it has failed to ever come to fruition, not only steaming viewers but also creating an opportunity for someone else to come in and take that opportunity. Series creator David Milch should really consider persuading any of the actors who feel like they’ve moved on from the show to consider putting something together, because with a Kickstarter to help fund such a project, there’s clearly interest for this to become a big hit at the box office.

3. Happy Endings

For whatever reason, ABC pulled the plug on the pretty popular–and relatable for 20-somethings–show Happy Endings after a few seasons. While it seemed a bit absurd given the fact that so many people saw the show as a documentary of their own lives, giving them issues and circumstances that they faced every day, that doesn’t mean that someone can’t take the concept and cast and apply it to a movie. With so many comedies out there on the big screen, it’d be nice to get one with an already sturdy backbone, while also giving a perfecting, “happy” ending to the show.

2. My So-Called Life

Sure, lead actress Claire Danes didn’t want to continue past the first season because of poor ratings, but that doesn’t mean that My So-Called Life wasn’t a huge cult hit among the grungy kids of the ’90s. It has been enough time to appeal to both a new demographic who can relate to a storyline that relates to their own lives, as well as the early 30-somethings who grew up watching the original MTV show. The series always touched on big issues, and recasting a movie with recent Academy Award winning actor Jared Leto wouldn’t hurt in seeing it succeed.

1. Battlestar Galactica

With the popularity of sci-fi with comic films and whatnot, one would expect the creators of this show to delve into the realm of movie making sooner rather than later. Still, Battlestar Galactica as a movie has only been mentioned amongst fans on the Internet, leaving them hopeful that the producers somehow listen to the claim and demand. It was a show that had been a hit amongst its loyal audience, so let’s just take the next step and prove why it was so popular and bring it to the cinema already.

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