5 Reasons Why Duck Dynasty is Fake

5 Reasons Why Duck Dynasty is Fake

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Although the rednecked, camo-wearing Robertson family wants to make us all think that they burly beards and no-care attitude is all genuine, after seeing a few photos of them looking more like yuppie, country clubbers, we tend to find it all a lie. Being in the news over the past month for a few things that probably shouldn’t have been said, this family is starting to catch major heat on why their act may have been figured out–and we’re giving you five reasons why you should doubt them, too.

5. The Beards Are Anything But Real

As someone who’s working on a scruffy beard of their own during the winter months, we can tell you that it’s not fun to maintain and upkeep with it every single day. And while the Robertson’s seem to do it in order to keep with their character, that doesn’t mean they don’t prefer the clean-cut look that they had for most of their lives before the TV cameras were rolling.

4. Fake Profanity

There are plenty of times when we all just lose it and have one of those moments where we can’t help but go wild on the sailor swearing spree. And although TV execs want audiences to think that this family is a bunch of roughnecks, it’s far from the truth, as the family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, even went as far as saying editors added beeps to make it seem like there was swearing going on, when it really wasn’t.

3. The Truth Lies in the Past

While they are obviously a real family–unless we’re all getting really duped–the Robertson’s image is inspired by nothing more than money these days. Sure, they run a duck calling business together and are probably a little rough around the edges like most American families are. But does that make them as outrageous and outspoken as they come off to be? Probably not. Based off the fact that there are plenty of photos showing them on the beach, looking preppy and as proper as most families in Martha’s Vineyard, anyone who can say they’ve known them before the show to now really know what the truth is.

2. They Gave Up Their Golf Clubs for Shotguns

Sure, the family would love to make you think that they were raised in the swamp and have laid out nothing but camo and shotguns from the day one, but don’t be fooled, these guys preferred polos and golf clubs way before they ever did what they’re rocking these days. Want to know how fake the Duck Dynasty brothers really are? It’s believed that they actually have frat tattoos–though it’s unclear if they were ever actually in a fraternity or not. That’s just about the biggest bro thing a guy can do, so if true, it just adds to their act.

1. They Sold Out Like Most People Would

To put it bluntly, the Robertson’s probably aren’t any different than you or me if a few TV execs came to us and offered a good chunk of money to act insane by playing a role for the cameras. We all know that reality TV has been the “it” thing for the past decade or so, so why wouldn’t producers want to do a mockumentary-type script which takes a seemingly outrageous family something that America can talk about? It’s all about ratings and money, and by handing this family a pseudo script to focus on, more people are going to watch–even if it isn’t real.

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