New Marvel Series “Fury Files” Coming to Disney Plus

New Marvel Series “Fury Files” Coming to Disney Plus

New Marvel Series “Fury Files” Coming to Disney Plus

As if Disney+ wasn’t already intent on giving out enough to keep its subscribers happy, the Fury Files are coming fairly soon and if anyone knows anything about Nick Fury at this point it’s that he keeps tabs on just about anyone and everyone that he can find, and there aren’t a lot of super-powered people that he can’t find. In fact the only individual in the MCU at this point that might be able to rival or even top Fury’s intel would be Doctor Strange, and given that he uses magical means to do so it’s fair to say that he has kind of an unfair advantage. But like it or not, Fury probably has a file on him too since Strange did have a life before becoming the master of the mystical arts. When it comes to Nick Fury though, he’s the kind of guy that has extensive files on just above every superhero in the Marvel universe and in some cases knows how to effectively neutralize a good number of them or at least knows of ways that he can get the job done if he has to. As the most well-noted spy that’s not constantly in the field, Fury is the kind of guy you don’t openly challenge since not only is he on good terms with a number of heroes that he might ask for a favor, but he’s also the director of SHIELD, or was in any case, and as such has a large number of resources to call upon should he need them. Jon Fuge of MovieWeb has his own opinion on one of Marvel’s most noted spies.

One thing that’s kind of exciting about the Fury Files is that it could possibly introduce new heroes into the MCU, at least in animated form as the series will be taking on animated form as it goes over one adventure after another. But it does mean that heroes such as the X-Men and others could possibly be making their way onto the Disney+ platform and be getting ready to make their way into the MCU at some point. After all Fury does have a fairly extensive history with Wolverine in the comics, if that’s going to be used at all. In a way it would be wise to do so since such a relationship could tie in the X-Men in a big way since they happen to be considered a pretty big threat in the Marvel universe even if they present themselves as heroes. With Fury though the practicality of his position comes with the responsibility of risk assessment and possible negation of any perceived threat. When it comes to the X-Men’s enemies that threat is pretty clear, but given that there’s bound to be a huge argument as to whether the X-Men are worthy of the Avengers’ attentions and even worthy of being considered as a viable threat is hard to say. The two groups have met in the past and clashed more than once, and while one might think that the X-Men’s abilities would give them the definite edge, the Avengers have done well to incapacitate the X-Men rather quickly at times. Hoai-Tran Bui of SlashFilm has more to say on this topic.

With the Fury Files there are quite a few directions that the story could go, but seeing as how he’s been focused on the Avengers for a while now it’s easy to think that this is the direction we’ll see things going at first since it’s been tried and proven to work when it comes to the fans. Hopefully though more heroes will be revealed, and possibly more villains since the Fox merger has made it possible for more and more faces to be revealed as the Marvel universe keeps moving forward within the Mouse House. To see more and more people being brought out to play would mean more ideas and more possible series and movies that might eventually round out Disney+ and be ready to go in another few years should Disney still feel the need to make up for the abysmal way that this year has been going so far. Plus, Fury has proven to be a great character in the MCU at this point, and even an animated version, voiced by Chi McBride no less, should be a welcome addition to the lineup since it will give fans something else that they’ll be likely to enjoy.

Fury is one of the many heroes that has changed throughout the years since if anyone remembers at this point the character was white at one point from 1968 all the way to the reinvented Avengers, or Ultimates, in 2002, when Fury took on the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson. Some fans didn’t really care about this, and really only some decided to raise a stink about it, as the character’s general attitude didn’t really change. As long as Fury is Fury, people seem okay with it.

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