5 Other Villains Christian Bale Could Portray in the MCU

Gorr the God Butcher Thor Love and Thunder villain

Credit: Thor: Love and Thunder

Opinions vary when it comes to whether or not Christian Bale did a great job portraying Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder, but the fact is that he’s a highly-skilled actor that can take on various roles and fall into them, so easily that he becomes absolutely convincing. But the belief that he could take on another villainous role in the MCU has been circulating at this time, and it does feel like a great idea since there are plenty of villains that haven’t been introduced yet.

Bale has the type of range that would allow him to take on many different roles if he desired it, and it does sound as though he would gladly step into another role if the story happened to be interesting enough for him to say yes. His children are a big part of whether or not he would take on a role as well, and while that might be part jest, part real (it’s hard to say), it’s easy to state that there are roles in the MCU that haven’t been filled yet that could be a great fit for Bale if he really wanted them. And there are plenty of reasons why they might be interesting enough for him to accept. 

Here are five other villains that Christian Bale could portray in the MCU. 

5. Doctor Doom

credit: Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom is a character that people have been waiting to see again since the debacle that was the 2015 version of The Fantastic Four, as it’s become hard to imagine why this character is so difficult to portray or even write into a script. He runs his own country, he has vast resources to pull from to be as evil as he wants to be, he knows magic, and he’s been able to take on some of the most powerful individuals in the entire Marvel Universe. This is a role that Bale could take on without question since it would afford him a chance to go so far over the top with his acting that he might be deemed the best Doctor Doom ever. It’s a low bar, but still something the fans desire to see. 

4. Stryfe

credit: Marvel Comics

Arrogance and cruelty are kind of par for the course for someone that was raised by Apocalypse, and Stryfe has been a seriously tough villain when it comes to those that have had the displeasure of fighting him over the years. As a clone of Nathan Summers, aka Cable, he didn’t have to endure the same techno-organic virus that has kept Cable from realizing his true potential. The result of this is that Stryfe is able to tap into his psychic abilities more readily and do far more than Cable can when it comes to his mental attacks. This would be the type of villain to portray if Bale was interested in taking on a role that had something to do with the X-Men. 

3. The Beyonder

credit: Marvel Comics

As one of the supreme powers in the universe, the Beyonder is someone that can do virtually anything he wants and not suffer that many consequences, if any. This character is actually his own self-contained universe, and as such, it does feel that this would allow Bale to once again take himself to the limit in ways that would make him appear less than balanced, which would be great for this character. Whether the MCU will want to use this character or not, however, is kind of up for grabs since he is extremely OP and might be a little too much for the franchise to deal with. Of course, if this character and Doctor Doom were introduced at the same time, it could create an interesting story since these two have met before. 

2. Knull

credit: Marvel Comics

Now that Venom is running around on the big screen, it feels as though Knull, the King in Black, needs to be brought into the fold to show how symbiotes were really created. This storyline was a lot of fun since this is another OP character that took on multiple individuals in the Marvel Universe and dominated a lot of them. There’s no telling if this story will ever come about, but it does feel that Bale could take this role and run with it since Knull is one of the most vicious villains since he covered the earth in the same material that makes up the symbiotes, and he gave Thor and the Silver Surfer a good run during this story. 

1. Mephisto

credit: Marvel Comics

Every role on this list is the type that would allow Bale to do what he excels at, which is taking a villain and putting himself so far over that he almost disappears into the role. Mephisto is another individual that a lot of fans have been wanting to see for a while, as people have thought that he might appear in one show or another for the past several years. It was thought that he would show up for the Infinity War and Endgame movies, but obviously, that was kind of a bust. There’s still plenty of time to bring him in, and Bale could take on this role with ease and make the Marvel devil shine in a way that hasn’t been seen yet. 

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