5 of the Most Chaotic Villains of All Time

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There are always going to be villains in the comics since the heroes need someone to stand against, lest the stories become all about tackling the everyday evils that most people deal with, which aren’t exactly the types that a lot of OP heroes would need to worry over. But when it comes super villains, there are various degrees of insanity that some of them enjoy since the truly psycho and out-of-control killers and those who do what they want for no better reason than that they can are numerous at the best of times. But trying to determine which villains are the worst isn’t too tough since a lot of them end up broadcasting this with their deeds rather than their words.

While a lot of villains in the comics tend to run their mouths a bit too often, this is because the exposition is needed. In real life, it feels like only the most vainglorious of them would need to keep talking rather than creating the destruction and mayhem that’s their specialty. The most insanely violent villains are those that don’t need to talk since their actions will speak for them in many ways. 

Here are five of the most chaotic villains in comics. 

5. Carnage

Carnage | Spider-Man Characters | Marvel HQ

credit: Carnage

There was no way to keep Carnage off of this list since the host for the symbiote, Cletus Kasady, is a known killer to start with. The symbiote only gave Cletus the ability to act on his impulse in an even more destructive manner than ever before. Together, the two were able to defeat their parent, Venom, and were able to take on Venom and Spider-Man in a battle that didn’t exactly favor the two opponents initially since Carnage is such a maniacal individual. But years later, it was seen that Carnage would get even worse as the god known as Knull started to make his way toward earth. Cletus or the symbiote are enough on their own, but together they’re a certified nightmare. 

4. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom's Greatest Desire Proves He'll Be the MCU's Most Dangerous  Wildcard

credit: Marvel Comics

A lot of people might argue that Doctor Doom might not belong on this list since he’s far more orderly in his methods and doesn’t fly off the hook at any given time. But the stark truth of this is that Doom is a barely contained bundle of chaos that can flip on anyone at any given time. The fact that he rules his own country and has resources that many don’t possess is enough to make it clear that his moral compass isn’t going to reset on its own since he has his way of thinking, and that’s it. Doom believes in what he does, and he believes in his own system of right and wrong, and whether it’s chaotic to others or not doesn’t matter to him. 

3. Gorr the God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher: An introduction to Christian Bale's Thor: Love and  Thunder villain

credit: Marvel Comics

There’s a great deal of evidence to indicate that Gorr is a rational being, but there’s also a lot to indicate that he’s not entirely there since his war upon the gods is an ill-advised crusade that wasn’t about to end well since not every god was as insipid as those he decided to attack during his time in the comics. The fact that he was powerful enough to challenge the gods is insane, but the idea that he was going to take them all out would require the ability to let sanity slip away so that fear wouldn’t become a major issue. At the end of the day, it doesn’t feel that Gorr was completely sane, even if he had a set goal in mind that forced him to think about how he might go about it in a rational manner. 

2. Joker

DC Comics reveals Joker's true identity: this is his real name -  Meristation USA

credit: DC Comics

There’s no doubt that when it comes to human villains, the Joker puts most people to shame since, as it’s been said before, he’s the standard of crazy in the comics, or in all of fiction, to be certain since there has never been a character like him. Any time someone thinks that the Joker has hit his all-time low or has run out of gas, the chaos gets turned up another notch, and people are disturbed at what this villain is allowed to do and what can be thought up for him to accomplish when it comes to depravity. One has to wonder if there’s ever going to be another character like this that will come along and take such a title. 

1. Loki

Loki (Marvel) | A Brief — but Very Important — History of Queer Characters  in Marvel and DC Comics | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo 5

credit: MCU

One might have thought that the Joker would take the top spot simply because he’s that nuts. But there’s a reason why Loki takes the top at this time, and it’s because, compared to the Joker, he’s been around a lot longer, and he’s had far more chances to show just how chaotic he can be. This is the type of character that thrives on chaos since, as the god of trickery and deceit, it’s kind of what he does. But in comparison to the Joker, Loki is a gentleman of chaos with a lot more power and is far more capable of carrying out various types of mayhem. 

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