5 Greatest Element-Based Characters in Comics

credit: Marvel Comics

There are plenty of characters in the comics that deal with energy on some level, but those that deal with the natural elements that define the world in a number of ways have access to energy on a level that is often seen to be devastating beyond belief when their skill and ability reaches certain levels. While some characters aren’t able to access the same level as others, there are those who classify as global threats due to their ability to call upon energies that can level buildings and even entire cities if they so desire.

While this type of power feels as though it’s a little too much to place in the hands of any one character, it is often seen that these characters are some of the most disciplined people around, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. It simply wouldn’t do to give this kind of power to someone that would run rampant with it, destroying everything in sight with wild abandon. But given that the comics are filled with super-powered individuals, there’s always someone that can counter such individuals, no matter how impossible it might appear to be. 

Here are five of the most powerful element-based individuals in the comics. 

5. Swamp Thing

credit: DC Comics

Having once been human, Swamp Thing does have the type of intellect that gives him another edge against his opponents, but that’s usually not what is most noticed about this character since, apart from his hulking form, he’s also connected to plant life around the world in a way that’s extremely impressive.

Not only is he immortal so long as he has a bit of plant life to latch onto, but he can control plant life in a number of ways and make it a weapon or maintain it with but a thought. This character is one of the most dangerous on the DC roster and yet also one of the most misunderstood at times. 

4. Terra

credit: DC Comics

Given that she has the power of geo-kinesis, the control over earth, Terra might be considered a very terrifying figure. But the fact that she worked with Deathstroke to try and take down the Teen Titans made her even worse since making allies with those she was set to kill is a terrifying way to do things since it leaves people open in a way that feels vile and diabolical but from the viewpoint of a villain is quite ingenious. This character did die off eventually, but the potential she carried was enormous since anyone that can affect the elements of the world and use them against another person is to be considered dangerous, and in some cases, hardly stable since that kind of power could very easily corrupt someone. 

3. Mera

credit: DC Comics

Mera is a powerhouse that a lot of people don’t get to hear about often enough for one reason or another, perhaps because Aquaman has been around longer or maybe because of something else. But she’s the reason why Aquaman isn’t on this list since while Arthur can control the creatures of the sea and is the king, he doesn’t necessarily control the water that surrounds him as Mera can. This woman can dehydrate a body, she can trap them within the water, and can hold back the ocean if she has to. The type of power that she holds within her body is great enough that she’s been able to shake the ocean floor, so that should give people an idea of how strong her abilities really are. 

2. Iceman

credit: Marvel Comics

Someone who can freeze the world if he goes out of control isn’t someone that should be overlooked. As an omega-level mutant, Bobby Drake is the kind of person who could do pretty much anything he wanted unless his conscience or someone of equal or greater power were there to stop him. The fact that he’s a hero is great since he’s not bound to let his powers off the hook unless there’s no other choice. But as someone who’s stopped the Juggernaut and who can allow his body to become liquid or gaseous and still return to his regular form, this is a guy that has earned a spot on this list. 

1. Storm

credit: Marvel Comics

Up close and personal, Storm is a very skilled fighter, but from a distance, she’s even stronger since the ability to call upon her namesake and create a tempest that can lay waste to an entire countryside, or more, is amazing. Not only that, but Storm can aim her lightning strikes, and she can even disrupt the electrical impulses in the brain of a sentient being. Imagine trying to think straight when your neurons are frying inside your skull. This woman has been called a goddess before, and to be fair, she’s as close as one can be without actually being a divine being. 

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