10 Things You Don’t Know About Danny Masterson

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Danny Masterson made a name for himself when he began starring as the hilarious Steven Hyde on That 70s Show. Fans loved the character, and they thought he brought a pivotal air of success to the show. When the show ended, and he took a role on the critically acclaimed show The Ranch, fans were excited to see him working with Ashton Kutcher once more. They were good friends both on set and off when they filmed That 70s Show, and working on The Ranch was something fans loved to see. Their friendship seemed good, and everyone thought they knew Danny Masterson. However, it would all change for the actor in 2017. Three women came forward to file charges against the actor for rape, which he continues to deny. His trial ended in a mistrial in 2022, and fans want to know more about the man they thought they knew.

1. Danny Masterson Was Born in New York

He has several siblings, but only one is a full sibling. His mother is Carol, and his father is Peter. His mom worked as a manager, and his father worked in the insurance industry. They welcome both Danny and Christopher, but his mother and father split up and go on to have more kids. His mother has two more kids from a later relationship, and their father has one more child.

Credit: @dannymasterson

2. Christopher Masterson is Also Very Famous

If you wondered whether Danny and Christopher Masterson had the same last name or were related, they are related. They are brothers. Christopher is the younger brother, and he is also an actor. He played the middle brother in the hit show Malcolm in the Middle, among other roles. He’s played dozens of other roles in other movies and shows, too.

3. His Other Brother is Also Famous

When Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing was airing, his oldest daughter on the show had a baby as a teenager. The baby’s father disappeared and didn’t have a relationship with her, and Tim Allen’s character was not a fan. When the father decided to come back into his television daughter’s life and the life of his own grandson – Tim Allen’s character was not amused. Ryan was the character’s name, and he’s played by Jordan Masterson, who is the half-brother of Christopher and Danny Masterson.

4. His Sister is Also Famous

Alanna Masterson is also famous. She’s the half-sister – and the only girl in the family – of Christopher and Danny Masterson. She is famous for her role in The Walking Dead as Tara Chambler. With the exception of their paternal half-brother, the entire Masterson family of kids acts. They’ve been on some of television’s biggest shows, too.

5. He Was a Singer

As a child, he was a lovely singer. He often sang because he participated in musicals. Unfortunately, his voice did not last. He lost his singing talent when he was a teen, which probably happened when he hit puberty. It happens to so many. He no longer sang afterward.

6. He Was a Model

His parents knew he would become a star, and they made it happen. He was only four when he began modeling. He was in magazine photoshoots, and he also starred in more than 100 commercials from the time he was four until he was 16. It’s a lot of commercials, and it only goes to show that he was a successful working child in Hollywood during that time.

7. He is Married

Danny Masterson is a married man. His wife is Bijou Phillips. They met in 2004. Their relationship progressed, and they were engaged in 2009. They got married in 2011, and they welcomed their only child, a daughter, in 2014. They are members of the Church of Scientology.

8. Many People Think Ashton Kutcher Knew His Best Friend Was an Alleged Rapist

Credit: @dannymasterson

America’s laws allow everyone to live innocently until they are proven guilty, but fans of Ashton Kutcher turned on him quickly. He’s always made it known that Masterson is his best friend, and many fans find it impossible to believe that Kutcher didn’t know his best friend was allegedly raping all these women. “Kutcher IS friends with a rapist. I mean, they’re such good friends Kutcher was in Masterson’s wedding. You really expect me to believe Kutcher had no idea his friend is a rapist? Kutcher has been spotted at the celebrity center, so he’s at the very least Scientology adjacent….” Said one former fan online. It’s not fair to say anyone ‘knows’ anything about people, considering how many things people successfully hide all the time. Just because they were best friends doesn’t mean his friend would mention something like this.

9. Danny Masterson’s Alleged Victims Claimed They Didn’t Know What Happened to Them Was Rape

When they accused Masterson of rape, they were told by the Church of Scientology that what happened to them was not rape, and they believed that. One woman reportedly tried to turn him in to the Church, and the Church told her, “You can never be a victim. Nothing ever happens to you without it being your fault,” and she stuck with that.

10. Prosecutors Have a Few Months to Decide on a Retrial

Following a deadlocked jury, a judge called the Danny Masterson rape case a mistrial in the fall of 2022. The prosecutors in the trial must decide whether they will retry the actor before March 2023.

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