10 Things You Don’t Know About Brittany Snow’s Husband, Tyler Stanaland

10 Things You Don’t Know About Brittany Snow’s Husband, Tyler Stanaland
10 Things You Don’t Know About Brittany Snow’s Husband, Tyler Stanaland

Credit: @tylerstanaland

When Selling OC premiered for its first season, the world was introduced to a new cast of real estate agents working in the beautiful Southern California area of Orange County. Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona del Mar, Dana Point, and other high-end luxury areas are featured on this show, and the agents are just as luxe. However, we’ll be entirely honest and tell you that upon meeting the agents on the show, we didn’t have a clue that Tyler Stanaland is actress Brittany Snow’s husband. He was flirtatious, always with the women on the show, and trying to stay out of the drama, and we didn’t have a clue he was married to Brittany Snow. Now that Brittany Snow’s husband is on his way to being her ex-husband, we thought we might get to know him better.

1. Real Estate is a Family Business

Real estate is a significant family business for this man. He is a fifth-generation realtor, and he loves his job. He’s big into his work at the Oppenheim Group, and he is happy with the sales he makes and how the office is running despite being new. He worked with his family and may continue to do so.

2. Brittany Snow’s Husband Married Her in 2020

What’s interesting about this couple is that they were only married for two years before their divorce announcement. The announcement said they took some much-needed time to consider if this was the right move, and we wonder if their marriage was ever in a good place. They married in 2020, and they announced their separation in 2022. That’s two years of marriage, and it’s unclear how much of that time was even happy.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Brittany Snow’s Husband, Tyler Stanaland

Credit: @brittanysnow

3. Sources Say Brittany Snow’s Husband is Not Upset

Numerous people across the internet say that Tyler Stanaland is not nearly as upset as you might assume. You might think that the end of your marriage is brutal, but he seems just fine. Some sources say he’s been out almost every night, hitting on women and hitting the bars and clubs in Orange County. He was also spotted up close and personal with one of his fellow costars following his divorce announcement. There are also rumors that he is exceptionally flirtatious and always has been.

4. It’s Rumored He Wanted Fame

Brittany Snow’s husband married a famous actress. She’s the star of the Pitch Perfect movies, among others, and some sources close to the newly minted reality star insinuate that he is a man looking for fame. He did not want to be the only one in the relationship without it, and it seems he’s gotten it. He’s a Bravo reality star, and he’s working hard toward that fame. We cannot confirm this, but it’s a rumor.

5. He Didn’t Model Good Husband Behavior on the First Season of Selling OC

As a viewer, I can say that knowing he was married (he did refer to his wife a few times, though not by name) but also being so close and personal to the other women on his reality show was uncomfortable to watch. My husband was horrified when he was cuddling with Alex Hall on the beach, knowing he was married, and his wife wasn’t with him. The idea that she would watch him like this and that he acted like it was wonderfully sent up some serious red flags.

6. He’s an Avid Surfer

Tyler Stanaland is an avid surfer. He calls it the essential thing in his life. He even said during filming that surfing is his first love. He also made it clear during that time that his wife and dog were his second loves. That’s also a red flag.

7. He Met His Wife After Sliding Into Her DMs

The handsome reality star wanted to meet Brittany Snow, so he went into her direct messages and sent her one. She responded, and they met in 2018. They were married in 2020, and now they are divorcing four years after she responded. He wanted something, and he got it by making an effort.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Brittany Snow’s Husband, Tyler Stanaland

Credit: @brittanysnow

8. He Suffers From an Autoimmune Disease

He didn’t know he was unwell until he became ill in Mexico. He was there to surf, and the illness hit him hard. At first, they didn’t know what was going on. Finally, he was taken to the hospital – he would eventually spend more than 100 days in hospitals – and he was tested and re-tested before he was diagnosed. Autoimmune disorders are not easy to diagnose, so it’s challenging to figure out what is wrong with a patient until almost everything else is ruled out.

9. His Illness Gave Him New Perspective

Some people go through terrible bouts of illness, diseases, and other health issues and feel horrible. They can’t see the good in life. However, Tyler Stanaland is not one of them. When he began to feel better following his initial bout with his autoimmune disorder, he realized he had to live life to the fullest. He has to get out and embrace the good in life because he realizes it can end at any time.

10. Surfing is A Family Thing, Too

Like real estate is a family business, so is surfing. Both of his parents are avid surfers. He grew up in Laguna Beach with his family, and they all spent time on the water surfing and enjoying the area where they lived. He’s not giving up on surfing because of his health, either.

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