10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roswell, New Mexico

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roswell, New Mexico

For a long time now Roswell has been a name that a lot of people have held synonymous with UFO’s and alien life on earth. While a lot of claims haven’t exactly been substantiated and some are no doubt made up there’s still been enough talk and more than enough imagination to see how a show like Roswell, New Mexico might get snapped up by the CW in a big hurry. The show actually did make its way to TV back in 1999 but has been a long time in coming back. Sometimes things like this take a while as they tend to go in cycles and are also dependent on what people are into, what’s trending, and what might be popular in the days to come. The series just premiered on January 15th so it’s new enough that one might want to think about playing catch-up and perhaps wait for next week to see what else is going to happen.

Here are a few things you might not know about the show.

10. The show is actually filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Despite being just a 3 to 4 hour trip from Roswell it seems kind of hard to explain why the show would be filmed in Albuquerque instead of the actual city that inspired the show. It could be something to do with zoning rights or it could be a number of things, but seeing as how the city already makes money hand over fist when it comes to alien-themed ideas it seems as though they might want the added publicity.

9. This is the second adaptation of the same series.

As it was already mentioned this series, based on the same book, was brought out in 1999. The popularity of the show back then was about as fleeting as a lot of other shows since it went away after a while and wasn’t heard from again.

8. The show is coming on nearly 20 years after the first Roswell series.

20 years seems like a long time to wait for a show to come back, but the idea of it isn’t so much that it took so long, but instead that it was stalled more due to public interest or lack thereof and the idea that it needed to be perfected to avoid the same fate that it suffered before.

7. Two of the cast members have been on Grey’s Anatomy.

There are times when you realize that various TV shows seem to recycle people that have worked together now and again, bringing them back into the mix with one another as new characters in a completely different situation. It’s kind of interesting to watch sometimes since you get the feeling of better chemistry between those that have worked together in the past.

6. The show is about aliens living undercover among humans.

It’s not so much about people discovering that there are aliens about, but instead about the aliens that are already there keeping a close watch over the humans and keeping their secrets close to the chest.

5. Steven Spielberg is one of the producers.

It’s almost as though you would expect this to happen since he’s been in on some of the most popular science fiction projects in history and kind of seems like he’d be the authority to turn to for something like this.

4. It has to do with a big government cover-up.

Okay that’s kind of a gimme. Roswell has been famous for a while now thanks to the idea that the US government has been covering something up for so long and doesn’t seem ready or willing to tell the general public about an unspecified UFO landing in the desert.

3. The aliens are not the bad guys in this instance.

If anything they’re the good guys that are trying to keep everything on the down low but obviously don’t get that luxury due to things that just tend to happen in the show that disrupt their otherwise quiet lives.

2. It’s been well-received by viewers so far.

Honestly it seems to be taking things too far to say that it’s a massive hit but thus far it’s been doing okay and not absolutely tanking with the first episode. It’s going to take a bit to see how people are really going to respond to it, but hopes are high at the moment.

1. There’s a very updated feeling to this show.

One of the biggest things about the show is that the female lead is Hispanic and her father is undocumented, which seems as though it’s bringing the current issues of today into the show in a way that people might recognize. Whether it really explores that aspect any further or not is going to be interesting since it might affect viewers more than the producers think.

So far things are going okay for the show, but we’ll see how it pans out as time goes on.

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