Bravo’s Stripped Is Changing The Way You Look At Your Material Possessions

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Stripped takes you on a mental rollercoaster as you learn to live without all the little gadgets and tools that you thought were necessary for 3 weeks. As each day passes, you get to get back one item per person. Naturally this starts off as absolute necessities — clothing, etc. It’s interesting to see how each new group takes this test and runs with it.

This week, sisters — Auitanna and Jaseena, take the challenge and quickly learn that they need to change their ways. They’re both bartenders and still living a belated party lifestyle but within the 3 weeks they learn that they need to change things. Start saving money instead of spending it all. That they don’t need everything they have and can easily do without it. After day 18 they decide they don’t need anything at all and start getting things out to give away. A couple of the days they don’t bother going back to grab anything at all.

Leaving with the bare minimum can change the way you look at things very, very quickly. These sisters had an endless supply of perfume and clothes; they were forced to go without and learned rather fast that they can. They found out that they don’t need all this, that the more important aspects are innate. Without electronics, they had to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Some of the things were unconventional for adults but everyone has an inner child just waiting to get out.

The one thing they did that others haven’t is refuse to eat any of the rations provided. Instead, they got creative with it and started asking people for money and food. Begging for food is a humbling experience. Deciding to put on socks that are wet and you’re not sure where they’ve been is something most people would never even think about but when you are forced to go without, you do what you have to do. These things easily made them realize what some people live off of on the daily basis. They were going to get their things back on day 21. There are other people out there that live in these situations permanently. These things easily affected the sisters.

They took one of their days to get a pillow to give away to a homeless person. After getting back their belongings they donated 1000 items away. The world has become very materialistic and has made everyone feel as though things are a necessity. When in reality the people you spend your life with and the choices you make are way more important. This challenge was eye opening for these sisters and anyone watching.

With the new year upon us, maybe it’s time to take stock of your own possessions and start to give away the things that you really don’t need sitting around. Focusing on things that matter more will allow you to reach that point in your life you want to reach and not be distracted by ‘stuff’. Autianna and Jaseena knew that they wanted to find careers that were more meaningful and not be bartenders forever. They wanted to find love and get married. This experience allowed them to start making moves towards their lives and create a savings account, start job hunting, and change up the way they spend money on the daily.

Bravo’s Stripped airs Tuesday nights at 10PM.

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